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As has been tradition at Budokan for many years, the club acknowledges the efforts of its athletes who strive for significant achievements and milestones by supporting them both technically on and off the mat and also financially for the Nationals.  Apart from the training effort and commitment, the financial burden associated with travelling to competitions is something that the club can help to relieve. Budokan has 30 athletes, 4 coaches and 1 referee participating in the 2018 Nationals next weekend. The athlete number has been reduced by 7 as the result of withdrawals.  All athletes who qualified for the NSW Team and who will travel to Queensland (participating or not) are entitled to support from the club.  Accordingly, on Tuesday we will be making presentations to the following Budokan members: Nicholas Platonov, Sean Goldthorpe, Crosby Peake, Bryan Zhang, Francis Park, Ben Zollinger, Max Zollinger, Jaeda Liao, Bianca Tandean, Will Zollinger, Phoenix Edwards, Oliver Jennings, Lion Park, Ali Yuldashev, Peter Minseok Cheon, Melika Tarighat, Beth Wade, Ali McPherson, Mina Woo, Zach Colman, Kevin Tarighat, Alex Ross, Michael Ross, Saskia Brothers, Emma Leishman, Kyle McIndoe, Liam Stewart, Bjorn Tandean, Josh Katz, Nathan Katz, Cameron Leishman, Naomi de Bruine, Bernhard Tandean, Casey Eamer, Lynne McCredden, Andras Koltai, David Willison, Kerrye Katz (State Coach), Rob Katz (State Coach), Amber McIndoe (State Coach), Dale Keogh (Kata coach), Lubo Petr (referee).  We wish all our athletes competing at the Nationals a great event and hope that you compete to your potential which you all deserve to do!! Time: 7.45pm between the Junior and the Senior Session.  Please wear White Judogi for photo opportunities (parents please bring cameras)             


Senior European Cup in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina on 5th – 6th May and Junior European Cup Kaunas (Lithuania) 12th – 13th May: Kyle McIndoe’s performance in the Junior and Senior European Cups:  Unfortunately, his training camp in Lithuania was cut short due to illness and he returned home early to seek good medical treatment. He now seems to be on the mend but it is unlikely that he will compete in the Nationals.  We wish Kyle well with for a speedy recovery.

2018 Hohhot (China) Grand Prix 25th – 27th May

Nathan and Josh Katz were selected to the Senior National Team competing in the Hohhot Grand Prix in May. Nathan’s earlier injury which put him out of Oceania (OJU) also prevented him from training in Japan and from competing in Hohhot, and then Josh also sustained an injury after returning home after his month of training in Japan - talk about a run of crap luck. Josh will now also miss the Nationals but will hopefully be OK for the Asian Open (World Cup) Taipei in early July.  Nathan has recovered well from his injury and will compete in the Nationals and then participate in the international camp in Tokyo and stay in Japan to train before the Asian Open Taipei.We wish Josh well for a speedy and permanent recovery and wish Nathan well on his return to competition and international challenges.


Saturday 9th June – no Saturday club training due to Nationals. Saturday training will be held from 16th JuneMonday 11th June – No Monday Beginners and Senior Kyu Grade Class due to NationalsSaturday 16th June – 3.00pm – Saturday Club training resumesSaturday 7th July – NSW Junior Development Squad (no Saturday Club training)Sunday  8th July – NSW Junior Points League and Senior KYU Grades & MastersSaturday 14th July – NSW NCAS Course for club coaches who are due for renewal


Budokan does not qualify as a "Deductible Gift Recipient Test" under the ATO’s guidelines.  However the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) enables donors to claim a tax deduction for donations made to sporting projects that have signed up to fundraise with the ASF. For every donation of $2 or more, the ASF provides a receipt to the donor that can be used to claim their tax deduction for the donation. Depending on an individuals income bracket, this can be up to half of the total amount of the donation. The ASF keep only 5% of all donations made. I created an ASF project for Budokan under the “Giving For Grassroots” program and this was approved by the ASF last week.  The project is called “Budokan Judo Club Athlete Support for Interstate & International Competitions”. So effectively, tax-deductible donations to the club are now possible. Club members are encouraged to push for corporate and private sponsors for the club. Donors can go on the ASF website (at, search for the club, register as a donor, read all about the project and how the funds will be used, and make either a one-off or recurring donation. The process is as follows:Go to on “Donate To Sport” on the top menu barUnder "Clubs and Organisations”, click on "Explore Projects" Click on “Sport Type” and select “Martial Arts” where Budokan is listed. Click on “Donate Now”Select “One Off” or “Recurring” and follow the prompts. Or go straight to the Project Page at: to the Donation Page at: