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_____________________________________________________________________________2020 Sydney International Open (23Feb20).  

  • Budokan had 26 representatives contesting 32 divisions at the 2020 SIO. Results here were also very impressive with: 19 medals: 9 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze with another 4 athletes contesting the Bronze medal match. 60% of our athletes won a medal and 72% won a medal or competed for a medal – great effort. Congratulations to all participating athletes:

Junior Boys and Girls:

  • Gold – Christian Curby, Nicholas Platonov, 
  • Lucas Luttrell, Lilly Zollinger   
  • Bronze – Sergey Phillips, Bryan Zhang
  • 5th – Marcus Liao

Senior Boys and Girls:

  • Gold – Crosby Peake, Max Zollinger, Bianca Tandean, 
  • Jaeda Liao
  • Bronze – Ramish Musoev
  • 5th - Flynn Mogilin
  • Strong effort – Marwan Abdelfadil, Sean Goldthorpe 

Cadet Men and Women:

  • Gold – Mina Woo 
  • Silver – Ali McPherson, Ali Yuldashev
  • Bronze – Will Zollinger
  • Unplaced – Phoenix Edwards, Clarissa Vumbaca, Montana Poulsen,

Junior Men and Women:

  • Bronze: Mina Woo, Ali McPherson
  • 5th - Isabella Vumbaca, Ali Yuldashev
  • Unplaced – Clarissa Vumbaca

Senior Men and Women:

  • Silver - Mina Woo
  • Unplaced – Isabella Vumbaca, Logan O’Brien

Veteran Men:

  • Unplaced – Daniel Kennedy, Scott Young

No Limits Women:

  • Silver – Lynne McCredden


Another proud moment for the club – we have 6 club members about to embark on the Year 12 2020 HSC in just over a week’s time: Saskia Brothers, Jacinta Vumbaca, Montanna Poulsen, Alex Ross, Michael Ross and Bernhard Tandean. It’s been great to see these guys maintain a study-life balance and continue with their Judo training in the lead up to the exams. The Budokan family wishes you all well during the exam period and in your post-school futures.


We continue to see increases in the sizes of all our classes. Many families have now felt more comfortable to return to training at the club. Furthermore, we have never had so many new inquiries and new starters across all age categories. This is very gratifying. I have also been following up all members with a view to try and get everyone back on the mat.  Over the last 3 weeks the club hit a 22 year high in club membership with 198 members. 200 members will really be a significant milestone in the club’s history.

  • Please respond to any correspondence sent out by the club regarding Judo NSW financial status or club training fees.

Please take the time to review our safety plans and procedures. We are being very strict with our processes including arrival times, temperature taking, sanitizing, leaving the mat, etc. Your safety during training is our priority and you can be confident in your club’s compliance with Government requirements. Thanks to Committee member Kate Peake and also Yuan Dong and some other wonderful parents for their support in implementing our processes.


The club’s promotion since August to attract new membership is proving very successful. The rules for this are: New Membership Promotion New members who:

  • become financial (12mths) with Judo NSW, and
  • who pay Budokan Judo Club training fees for 3, 6, or 12mths,

will receive a new Judogi (Judo uniform). If a suitable uniform is not in stock we will order one to suit; however, shipping times are longer than usual at the moment. 

  • To date, we have gifted over 15 Judogis, which also means 15 new members, so if you have friends who might be interested in taking up Judo, this is a perfect time. Thanks to Committee member Scott Young for his work in successfully bidding for a grant to support this project. 


We have designed Budokan Rashies which can be worn underneath the Judo Jacket (not in competition). These have the benefit of (1) providing a compression circulation effect, (2) improve hygiene, (3) minimise Judogi chafing (4) improve warmth in Winter. They are very smart and look great. Cost of rashies is usually $55-$65. Budokan will sell our rashies to club members for $35. We already have pre-orders for 65 rashies and have ordered 175 in total which should arrive in the next few weeks.