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With the National Camp in Melbourne now not available to interstate athletes, we are encouraging all Cadet (and older) Budokan athletes, in particular those aspiring for competition this year to attend the NSW Hub Camp. If in doubt, please talk to Rob or Kerrye. Location is the Judo NSW Training Centre at The Newington Armory, Silverwater. Format will be the same for both days:


New Budokan QR Code Entry System.When arriving at the club, please:

  1. scan your phone (using the camera) on the QR Code near the front door and register yourself (if entering the hall) and your child/ children. This is now a Government requirement
  2. do not drop your children off without scanning them in first
  3. show your phone confirmation of your scan to a coach / Committee member / attendant before entering the hall
  4. complete the sign-in book only if you do not have a mobile phone
  5. allow temperature checks to be taken and ensure you sanitise your hands
  6. At this time spectators will again be limited to 15. Social distancing (1.5m) will be enforced


  • New Budokan COVID-19 Safety Plan.A new COVID-19 Safety Plan has been developed in accordance with Government Guidelines effective January 2021 and is attached to the email accompanying this newsletter. A copy is also available at the club. Budokan is registered with the NSW Government as a COVID safe organisation.


  • New shoe Shelves. Many thanks to Don Stevenson for responding to my call for a volunteer to paint the shoe shelves. It looks fantastic and we very much appreciate the efforts of Don, to Andras for manufacturing the shelves and to Andras and Gary McP for installation.

I have not heard back from anyone wanting to take the old shoe cupboards which we were offering free to a good home. Castors have now been removed. We will keep one of the cupboards but the other will be placed outside the hall if anyone wants to take it.


Further to my update a couple of weeks ago, in addition to Nathan being invited some weeks ago to the World Masters In Doha, Qatar 11-13 January 2021, on New Years Eve, Josh had a late call inviting him to the Masters as well. This is a great opportunity but the challenge was also great in suddenly needing to mount a plan for an event in 10 days time when we expected his next event to be in 8-9 weeks. The entry permit was also very slow in coming and we had 2 trips to the airport whilst waiting for the permit to come through. Finally on the third attempt (Friday 8th), it was there and Josh flew out. We wish both boys well on their final preparation and all the success in the world for this event and those that follow. See live streaming

  • The boys fight on Monday 11th January time TBA, but most likely around 10.00am local (check the link as we get closer to ensure exact time) which is 6.00pm Sydney time.


Wishing Dale all the best for her upcoming surgery and for her recovery following surgery. Cathy was also unwell over the Christmas period and is now home from hospital and we wish her well for her continued recovery. Also wishing Cameron well after injuring his knee recently which will also require surgery.