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In 2 short weeks Saskia Brothers will depart to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Youth Olympic Games to be held between the 1st and 12th October. Her preparation has included the YOGs camp in Tunisia and of course training at Budokan. We wish her well for her final preparations, also including the Sydney International.


Next Monday 24th Sept, following the Sydney International, Josh Katz departs for the UK where he will train in Camberley for the Senior European Open (World Cup) on the 7th October in Glasgow, Scotland, and then the Senior European Cup on the 21st October in Malaga, Spain after which he will train in Munich Germany prior to coming home before the Perth competitions in November. Wishing Josh well in his final preparations including the Sydney International and wishing him a very successful trip.


Wishing Nathan Katz a fantastic competition on Friday 21st September at the Senior World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. He has had a great preparation in Sydney, then Munich and finally at Camberley UK, and we look forward to following him in this event for which he has worked very hard. 66kg Senior Men commences 10.00am Friday (4.00pm Sydney time) and will be live streamed on Ippon.TV.  Looking forward to seeing Nathan back home next Wednesday. I’m sure he would appreciate any well wishes you’d like to send.


Please note that due to the weigh-in times for this competition on Saturday, there will be no normal club training on this Saturday 22nd September.

  • According to the schedule, the first block of age categories is Junior Boys and Girls, Cadet Men and Women and Special Needs, and these will commence at 8.30am. Athletes in these divisions should be on the warm-up mat at 7.45am on Sunday.
  • Thanks to all the many Budokanis who have stepped up to volunteer to support the Sydney International, including some of the athletes mentioned above who are unable to compete.  This shows great spirit to support NSW’s premier competition event of the year. Wishing that all our athletes achieve their goals this weekend – all the best.   
  • There is no Kata at the competition this year as the OJU Kata Course was held last week with the OJU competition last weekend (16th Sept). 3 Budokan athletes competed in the OJU Kata Competition:
  • Andras Koltai won a Silver in both Senior Nage-No-Kata and Katame-No-Kata. Bernhard and Bianca Tandean partnered up for the Junior Nage-No-Kata where they won a Gold medal. They were unplaced in Senior Ju-No-Kata. A great effort by our Kata exponents.


Following Saturday’s normal club training, we prepared for our Movie Night. It was a great success in all aspects – a great social night particularly for our Juniors with a couple of cool movies, BBQ and this time made unique when combined with our first overnight camp for Junior Boys and Girls and older athletes. Thanks to Andras for arranging the Movie Night and for the many parents who supported the catering, in particular Adrian Barbin who manned the BBQ.  17 athletes stayed overnight on the Judo mats and this was quite an experience for them (and us!). The camp was focused on our competition athletes and started with 6.30am wake-up to ACDC’s Thunderstruck and a circuit at 7.00am. Some of our Seniors who didn’t stay overnight arrived in the morning to complete their circuit training as well. We all had a good breakfast and this was followed by another Judo session from 10.00am and to 12.00 noon. In all, a great concept, some good intensive training, and something that we’ll be looking more at in the future.  Well done to all the Budokanis who participated.