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Well done to the 10 Budokanis who competed in the Shinsei Competition at Blacktown. They achieved the following results:MONS Boys U/24kg GradedFinn McPherson – 1stGabriel Bazan-Koltai – 2nd MONS Boys U/24kg Special GradedFinn McPherson – 2ndGabriel Bazan-Koltai – 3rd MONS Girls U/24kg SpecialAriana Bazan-Koltai – 2nd MONS Boys U/27kg GradedBryan Zhang – 2nd MONS Boys U/27kg SpecialBryan Zhang – 3rd MONS Boys U/31kg SpecialBryan Zhang – 3rd MONS Boys NoviceGary Zhang – 4th MONS Boys NoviceAaron Yang – 2nd Senior Boys U/55kg SpecialPeter Cheon – 1st Special Mention Ricco KingAlex PetrImogen Kennedy


Great to see such good numbers at the Junior Camp at the NSW Training Centre Silverwater over the 29th – 30th July weekend. Unfortunately due to lack of Senior numbers, the Senior sessions were cancelled but a few Seniors joined the group for plenty of drills and randori. Out of nearly 50 on the mat on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, Budokan was well represented with 26 athletes, over 10 doing both days: Well done to Crosby Peake, Edan Koltai, Sam Lobsey, Max Stone, Bryan Zhang, Peter Cheon, Francis and Lion Park, Max and Will Zollinger, Phoenix Edwards, Oliver Jennings, Michael and Alex Ross, Kevin and Melika Tarighat, Mina Woo, Beth Wade, Bianca and Bjorn Tandean, Mira Czarnetzki, Fin and Xavier Tafft, Ali McPherson and Liam Stewart. Always remember.…consistent training will always be rewarded!!!


Well done to all the Budokanis who played in the NSW Junior Points competition and the Senior KYU Grades event.We had 11 Juniors compete, all who played very well: Results were:1st Place to Sam Lobsey (J/B 27/31), Alex Ross (S/B 55/60), Melika Tarighat (S/G Open), Mina Woo (S/G 48)2nd place to Christian Constantinou (J/B 27/31), Michael Ross (S/B 55/60), Ali McPherson (S/B&G 36)3rd place to Crosby Peake (J/B 27/31), Kevin Tarighat (S/B 55/60)Congratulations also to the following Budokan junior athletes who played very well but were unplaced. More great experience for these guys: Max Stone (S/B 40) and Jackson Palgan (S/B 50) In the Senior Kyu Grades event, our 5 athletes end up with:1st place to: Zach Colman (1/2Kyu 60), Maddison Edwards (3/4Kyu 57/63)2nd place to Casey Eamer (3/4Kyu 70/78) Congratulations also to the following Budokan Senior Kyu Grade athletes who played very well but were unplaced: Claire Babic (3/4Kyu 57/63) and Daniel Kennedy (1/2Kyu 90), who unfortunately had no other Masters athletes to compete against.  So in total, our 16 athletes came away with 12 medals, winning 6 divisions, coming 2nd in 4 divisions and 3rd in 2 divisions.Thanks also to Franz Tandean and Jakob Edwards for stepping up as NSW referees for this event.


Well done to the sole-Budokani Zach Colman who competed in the AIO. Competing in his new weight division 60kg, Zach played in Cadets and Junior Men. Result was a loss, win and loss for 5th place in Cadets and a win, loss and win for Bronze medal in Junior Men – well done Zach. 


World University Games – Taipei Taiwan 19th - 30th August – I mentioned previously that Naomi de Bruine has been selected to the 2017 Summer Universiade. She leaves next week and we wish her well.Josh – Berlin Junior European Cup and Training Camp – 29th July – 2nd August In the last Newsletter, I also mentioned Josh Katz and Cameron Leishman who had been training at Camberley Judo Club and on their results in Paks Hungary (15 – 16 July) and Prague Czech Republic (22 – 23 July). Cam returned home after the Prague camp, benefitting greatly from the experience. Josh continued the campaign in Berlin, at arguably the premier Junior European event for 2017.  There were 51 athletes in Josh’s division and his first round was against Denmark. He started well almost scoring with Sode with good ne-waza transition. Half way through the match another good transition resulted in a submission from strangle and the win. Second round against Germany had his Morote Seoinage and Ashi Waza working well and another good transition to his favourite Akimoto roll and the hold-down for Ippon. In the round of 16, he drew the 2017 Senior Pan American Continental Champion from Brazil.  Early in the match his Morote attack was countered for Waza-Ari and he spent the rest of the match chasing down the defensive Brazilian. Two Shidos to BRA and then Josh’s tenacity really paid off as he turned BRA’s defence into Ouchi Gari for Ippon in literally the last second of the match. His QF was against Russia, the 2017 Russian Junior European Cup Champion. This was a great match with Josh getting in very well with a couple of drop Morote Seoinages. He did well to defend Juji Gatame but needed a medical break for nose bleed which gave RUS some much needed recovery. In the next exchange Josh’s Kouchi was countered for Waza-Ari. Another medical break was needed and Josh kept pushing very hard but couldn’t level the score. Repechage match with the Italian Junior European Cup champion from Israel and did not go as planned. The Israeli was far more aggressive than in his previous match. Getting caught early Waza-Ari with Sode, Josh couldn’t find his rhythm. Scores from Uchimata and Laats caused more frustration and with less than a minute remaining he was caught for Ippon. 5 matches, 4 very good performances, 3 wins, a 9th place in Berlin and a hard day at the office. Great work. No doubt, more to come.2 weeks later and the boys have continued their Senior Worlds preparation at Camberley. Nathan is currently training at the German team preparation camp in Cologne Germany whilst Josh stayed in Camberley to continue his preparation. We wish them well in their next 2 weeks of final preparation.