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The QLD Open is being held during the school holidays (5th, 6th October),  Budokan has been invited, and is welcome  to train at Ohori Judo Club prior to and after the tournament. Please refer to the Club Newsletter for planning and activity details.


Cadet European Tour // Cadet European Cup – Zagreb (Croatia) // Croatia Camp 
(1st - 15th March)

  • Saskia Brothers participated in the Cadet Europe Tour and in March’s Newsletter I reported on her matches in Turkey for a 7th place. She then trained at the camp in Turkey and travelled to Croatia for her second competition. In the Cadet European Cup Croatia, she drew Fortner from Austria (AUT) and at the half way point, this match was quite even in a classic left versus right battle with the Austrian conceding Shido from a bad attack. At this point AUT got her attack in first with a strong Uchi-Mata attack and followed up immediately with Harai-Goshi scoring Waza-Ari and then secured the hold down for the win.  AUT won her next match but lost the QF putting Saskia out. Really not much in this match with Saskia showing her competitiveness at this level.
  • It has also just been announced that Saskia has been selected in the Australian Team to compete in the Cadet National Tour comprising the European Cups in Poland and Portugal in mid to late May.