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  1. Sat 14th Dec                      Last Saturday class
  2. Mon 16 Dec 19                 Last Senior Beginner / Kyu Grades
  3. Wed 11 Dec 19                Last Dinos and MONS Session
  4. Thurs 19 Dec 19               Last Junior and Senior Session
  5. 25th Dec 19                       Junior Japan Trip Starts


  1. Sat 11th Jan                        Mat scrub – 0800
  2. Tues 14th Jan 20                First Junior and Senior Session
  3. Thurs 16th Jan 20               Junior Japan Trip Ends
  4. 16-19 Jan20                       AIS Futures Camp
  5. 17-18 Jan20                       Illawarra Camp
  6. Sat 25th Jan 20                   Sandro Picirillo & Francesco Maio visit the club
  7. Mon 3rd Feb 20                  First Senior Kyu Grades session
  8. Wed 5th Feb 20                  First MONS and Dinos session
  9. 14 – 16 Feb 20                  ACT International Open
  10.  23 Feb 20                         Sydney International Open
  11.  Sun 1st Mar 20                  Budokan MONS and Juniors Competition
  12. 20-22 Mar 20                    Melbourne International Open
  13. 5th Apr 20                           NSW State Titles
  14. 5 - 8 Jun 20                        Nationals
  15. 9th Aug 19                          Budokan MONS/Junior Competition
  16. Early Oct 20                      Queensland International Open
  17. Mon 2nd Nov 20                 Budokan AGM



  • Lately there has been some confusion over the timing of usage of these vouchers for either club training fees or Judo NSW annual membership fees. Your voucher information needs to be given to Budokan Judo Club when paying for club fees or to Judo NSW (on-line) when paying for their annual membership fees. Your fees will be discounted by $100 for each of the two available vouchers used per child. The voucher cannot be used for Judogis, merchandise, or travel and can only be used during the calendar year it was issued. Budokan will not process the vouchers as part-payment or credit for future fees.


  • The club spends quite a bit of time applying for different grants, either local, State or Federal Government-based, or even privately sponsored grants like Telstra. We also apply for relevant awards either within or outside the Judo community. Over the years, we have had a pretty good hit rate but we need your assistance to keep identifying any opportunities for grants or awards for recognition of achievement. Recently new Committee member Scott Young submitted two applications under the 2019 Local Sport Grant program: the first for equipment and merchandise, and the second to support a new training fee management system, and an iPad and a square reader for credit card payments.  Thanks to Scott for taking up the challenge.