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Since the October Newsletter where our membership hit 198 members, we reached a 20 year club high of 206 which is really amazing. More interesting is that we still have a number of families still planning to return next year. I am still chasing up members to renew their Judo NSW membership and pay training fees which takes a lot of time. Next year Kelly McPherson will be assisting me with this so please cooperate with her.

  • Please also be pro-active and try to manage your fees or that of your child or children, or at least respond promptly to any correspondence sent out by the club regarding Judo NSW financial status or club training fees.

Please take the time to review our safety plans and procedures. With the relaxation of some restrictions, we have allowed more spectators. 


After a successful 2020 delivering Judo programs under the National Sporting Schools initiative, we decided to be more proactive this year. We have one school already lined up for term 1 of next year; and although too late to influence other schools for Term 1, we are in the process of developing letters based on a Judo Australia template for circulation to local primary schools. The aim of the letters is for Judo Australia to describe the benefits of the National Sporting Schools program and the funding available to schools, as well as the benefits of schools picking Judo as a sport included in their programs. In the same letters, we will also describe Budokan and the support their children will receive from the club. We will be sending these letters to school Headmasters or heads of PE. If you have any primary school contacts or if you would like a copy of a letter we are sending to any specific school, please let Rob know.


on Monday 2nd November Budokan held its 2020 AGM plus a General Committee meeting at the Judo Club.  Thanks to all those who attended. Special thanks to David Colman who stood down at this AGM having served as Committee Vice-President for the past 9 years. Our new Committee is as follows: 

  • President: Rob Katz (due 2021 AGM)
  • Vice President 1: Sean Brothers (due 2021 AGM)
  • Vice President 2: Scott Young (Casual Vacancy to 2021 AGM, position due 2022 AGM)
  • Secretary: Kerrye Katz (due 2021 AGM)
  • Treasurer: Peter Jennings (due 2022 AGM)
  • Councillor: Kate Peake (due 2022 AGM)
  • Councillor: Franz Tandean (due 2021 AGM)
  • Councillor: Conrad van Dort (Casual Vacancy to 2021 AGM, position due 2021 AGM)
  • Councillor: Andras Koltai (due 2022 AGM)

 Notices of Motion were passed as follows:

  • As we have not had a fee increase in 2 years, the club training fees will increase by approximately 10% from 1st January 2021. New fee schedules will be issued and the club website will be updated.
  • In place of the current club definition of “Senior” athlete, being those with a minimum age of 16 years at the time of training fee renewal, we recognise that the contemporary definition of “Seniors” has changed over the years to reflect Cadets who turn 15 years old (or 16 or 17 years) in the calendar year. Therefore with effect 1st January 2021, Cadets and older members will pay “Senior” club training fees.


With the very reduced tempo of competitions and other Judo activities this year, we did not convene our usual gala annual club awards night or present awards to our athletes. However, on Tuesday 15th December between the Junior and Senior training sessions, we made a number of small presentations. Gifts of appreciation were presented to all our Committee members and all our coaches, assistant coaches and coaching support members. Thanks to all club members who contributed to the generous gifts presented to the club’s coaches. Two special awards were also made. These were the “Pat & Ian Daniels Award for the Budokan Volunteer of the Year” which was presented to Scott Young, and the Craig Leishman Award for Distinguished Service which was awarded to Dale Keogh. A summary of their achievements is included below 

  • Dale Keogh (Budokan Distinguished Service) Dale’s Judo Career Commenced in 1956. She earned her 1st Dan in 1965 and almost 40 years later her 6th Dan. She started competing in 1967 winning Metropolitan and State events over the next 5 years. From 1994 to 2012 she competed in most Australian, NZ, and Asia Pacific competitions and in more than 10 World Masters events, winning most of them. During this time she also competed in Kata divisions, many at the same events in which she was fighting. In 2012 she obtained her Kata teaching qualifications after which she both attended and taught at numerous Kata seminars all over Australia and in the Oceania region. For the next 5 years whilst still competing in Kata events she was also NSW State Kata Coach running weekly Kata sessions for NSW athletes. In 2018 she was recognised by Judo Australia being appointed to both the Oceania Judo Union Kata Commission and the National Grades Commission. Dale has been a member of the Budokan Club Committee and a Life Member of the club for 20 years. Over this time she has supported not only Kerrye and Rob at both Junior and Senior sessions but also the MONS and the Saturday sessions. Over many years she has also attended all of the interstate Open competitions supporting all club athletes competing in Queensland, Victoria and the ACT. Turning 75 years young next year and needing a second knee replacement, her commitment to, and energy for Judo for over 60 years, and in particular to the study and teaching of Kata for over 30 years has been incomparable in the Judo community and for this she is highly respected. Dale’s no nonsense approach to teaching and coaching whether Shiai or Kata is endearing and successful. She has and remains a role model not only to the many female members of the club but to all Judoka Australia-wide. Appropriately, Budokan has nominated Dale for the NSW Government Sport NSW Distinguished Service Award and Judo NSW will endorse this nomination for the 2021 awards. Dale is a deserving winner of the 2020 Budokan Judo Club Craig Leishman Distinguished Service Award.


  • Scott Young (Budokan Volunteer of the Year) Scott has been a member of Budokan Judo Club for less than 2 years, but has made a significant impact during this time. With his Government background, Scott provided valuable support to give the club a voice for constructive feedback to Council on the Showground Masterplan project. In November 2019 he expressed interest in submitting applications for two Sport NSW Local Sports Grants. These were successful and resulted in $6000 worth of funding which has been used for the free Judogi promotion to new club members, to buy crashmats, to purchase a new iPad and Square Reader,  and to fund the transaction costs for 12 months after we migrate to the new RevolutioniseSport management system for our training fees next year. He also provided support for two more grants, each of $1000 for the “Sport NSW Hygiene Program and the “Grassroots Sport Recovery Package”.  At the 2019 AGM Scott volunteered to nominate for the club Committee. His interest flowed to lifting the club’s profile by applying for awards for the club and its coaches.  Results were:
  1. For the club – The Hills Shire Australia Day 2020 Community Group of the Year Award, and an honourable mention for the best club at the SportsCover Clubbies 2020 awards. Scott has also recently nominated Budokan for the GoodSports best club award and the Judo Australia Most Active Club award
  2. For individual coaches – The 2020 NSW Government Community Service Award and the 2020 Sport NSW Community Sports Award for Community Coach of the Year, both of which were won by Rob.
  3. Hills Shire Times Local Legends for International Women’s Day – which recognized Kerrye and Dale
  4. NSW Office of Sport Award for Her Sport Her Way Champion Award in which Kerrye was nominated

Scott has also nominated Kerrye for the GoodSport Awards Club Champion and has received approval from Judo NSW to recognise Dale at the 2021 Sport NSW Community Sports Awards for Distinguished Service


Great article and Zoom interview with Kerrye by the IJF on the 40th Anniversary of Kerrye's participation in the first Women's World Judo Championships in Madison Square Gardens New York in 1980. Since her first of 5 World Championship representations 40 years ago and an Olympic Games representation 32 years ago, I am proud to say that Kerrye is more active now in Judo than ever before