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It was announced this week that the club has been successful in receiving a grant for half the cost ($1250) of a Defibrillator. This is a great outcome and will support our risk management strategy – hopefully we will never have to use it, but it is a valuable asset for the club and all of its users.


13 Budokanis competed in this Competition and achieved the following results: 

  • MONS:
  • Marcus Liao – 1st                                                                 Pascale King – 4th  
  • Jackson Young – 2nd                                                           Isaac Murkins – 1st
  • Dasha Platonov – 2nd                                                          Akim Yuldashev - 6th
  • Ethan Zhang – 1st


  • Junior Boys/Girls:
  • Bianca Tandean – 2nd                                                         Sean Goldthorpe – 2nd
  • Nicholas Platonov – 3rd                                                      Crosby Peake – 1st


  • Senior Boys/Girls:
  • Phoenix Edwards – 2nd                                                      Ali Yuldashev – 2nd

 These 13 athletes won:  4 x Gold; 6 x Silver, 1 x Bronze, 1 x 4th and 1 x 6th place – well done to all of you for adding another competition to your experience ladder.


Congratulations to the new Committee for 2019 and welcome to new Committee member Kate Peake.

  • President: Rob Katz 
  • Vice President 1: Sean Brothers 
  • Vice President 2: David Colman 
  • Secretary: Kerrye Katz 
  • Treasurer: Peter Jennings 
  • Councillor 1: Kate Peake 
  • Councillor 2: Franz Tandean 
  • Councillor 3: Belinda McIndoe 
  • Player Representative: Andras Koltai 

 The club owes a debt of gratitude to Melissa Rudgley who stood down from the Committee after serving for a massive 9 years on the Committee as Councillor. Thank you Mel for your significant contribution.


2 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 3 x Bronze and 1 x 5th place!  Congratulations to the following Budokan athlethes who competed in Perth:

  • Junior Boys –   Crosby Peake – 1st
  • Senior Girls –   Ali McPherson – 3rd                 Mina Woo – 1st
  • Cadet Men –    Zach Colman – 3rd
  • Junior Men -    Zach Colman – 5th                    Bjorn Tandean – 2nd
  • Senior Men -    Zach Colman – Unplaced         Bjorn Tandean – 3rd


Senior Oceania Continental Open, Perth, 17-18 November

  • Nathan Katz – Lost to KOR in the R16 in Golden Score. KOR ended up winning the Silver medal.
  • Josh Katz – Won all 3 of his matches against AUS, HKG and AUS to take the Gold medal
  • Cameron Leishman – Beat AUS, NZL, lost to LUX, then in repechage beat IRL and PHI to take Bronze
  • Zach Colman and Liam Stewart – lost their first rounds to IRL and AUS respectively

Junior Oceania Continental Cup, Perth, 17-18 November

  • Zach Colman – Beat AUS, lost to IRL and in the Bronze match lost to LUX for 5th place
  • Liam Stewart – Lost to AUS and in the repechage lost to LUX
  • Bjorn Tandean – Lost to LUX

Senior Grand Slam, Osaka Japan, 23-25 November

  • Nathan Katz – In the Round of 32, Nathan drew Alfaraidy from KSA who he defeated by Ippon with a Tai-Otoshi. He then had Grigoryan RUS in the R16 and had a competitive match but ultimately lost by 2 Waza-Aris. Grigoryan went on to win the Bronze
  • Josh Katz - In the Round of 64, Josh drew Lesyuk UKR. He also had a very competitive match but was caught with Waza-Ari and that’s how the match ended.

 Senior Asian Continental Open, Hong Kong, 1 Dec 18

  • Nathan Katz – Nathan beat THA in the R16 by 3 Shidos and then lost to CAN in the QF by 2 Waza-Aris to 1 Waza-Ari for a 7th place. CAN went on to win the division and Nathan lost to CHN in Golden Score
  • Josh Katz – Josh beat HKG by Ippon in the R16 and then in the QF beat CAN by Waza-Ari and Ippon. In the SF Josh beat IND by Waza-Ari making the final against the Grand Prix medalist from TPE. This was a great match and Josh played very well going into Golden Score with an even score-board. Unfortunately he was caught for Waza-Ari with Ouchi-Gari for a well-earned Silver medal