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Thanks to everyone who was able to help prepare the hall on Saturday despite Junior Development / State Junior and Senior Squad training being convened at Silverwater:  Dave and Zach Colman, Damien Edwards, Brad, Beth and Lucy Wade, Rachel and Sam Lobsey, Alainya Zollinger, Dana Brothers, Peter Jennings and Nicky Mogilin (+ Rob K). The preparations are always smooth and reflect our many years of practice.

  • Despite low athlete numbers, Sunday also ran perfectly. We had 30 MONS from 6 clubs to whom we are grateful for their support: Budokan (16), Woy Woy (6), Illawarra (3), Sydney Uni (2) and 1 each from Blacktown City, Tiger-Do and Dragon.  We made up 14 divisions including 2 with boys and girls enabling 38 matches to be played plus another 15 matches in a spirited team’s competition which went down to the last match. 36 medals were awarded plus 6 special trophies. The whole club stepped up with more than enough volunteers covering the many jobs needing to be done: door entry, weigh-ins, draw, warm-up, match progression, marshaling, coaching, scoring and timing, first aid, refereeing, raffle tickets, kitchen, BBQ and clean-up – there are far too many people to name but we think you are absolute legends for your support - thank you one and all.  It was great to see our Juniors willing to learn new skills in running a competition and refereeing.  Results for only Budokan athletes follow:
  • Girls Novice: 21kg – 1st - Junning Mak; 2nd - Chante Bezuidenhout; 3rd – Emma Cooper;   28kg – 2nd – Olivia Cooper
  • Girls Graded: 22kg – 2nd  – Ariana Bazan-Koltai; 2nd – Juliet Jennings;   26kg – 1st – Dasha Platonov
  • Girls Graded: 29kg – 3rd – Dasha Platonov
  • Combined Girls & Novice/Graded: O40kg - 2nd – Zach Watmore
  • Boys Novice: 21kg – 2nd – Ethan Zhang; 3rd – Joey Zhao,   24kg – 1st – Isaac Murkins; 2nd Hamish Kennedy
  • Boys Novice:27kg – 3rd – William Dong,   32kg – 1st – Milly Jordan; 2nd – Katherine Qi Chen;
  • Boys Graded: 27kg - 1st – Jackson Young,    O35kg – 2nd – Zach Watmore


  • Special Awards (All winners are listed)
  • Best Tachi-Waza (Throwing) Technique – Ethan Zhang and Timothy Alchin (Woy Woy)
  • Best Ne-Waza (Ground) Technique – Zach Watmore;   
  • Best Spirit – Pippi Magurren (Woy Woy)
  • Player of the Day – Mirei Kikuchi (Sydney Uni)


The club’s entry to this event was on par with 2018 in terms of athletes and slightly down on divisions entered. Detailed results are in the attached document.  Budokan’s 30 athletes competed in 32 divisions at the winning 19 medals (60% of divisions):

  •  9 x Gold, 8 x Silver, 2 x Bronze medals + 3 x 4th/5th, 3 x 7th placings.  Included in these results, Lynne McCredden played well to place 2nd in both Senior Women’s Special Needs U/78kg and Senior Women’s Special Needs Open Division.  We had a number of milestones with first-time placings in State Opens and first-time participation from a number of athletes which is very motivating for them (and us as coaches).
  • In addition, we had 4 athletes compete in 6 Kata divisions winning 4 Gold and 2 Silver medals, showing that we have great talent in this area of Judo as well. Well done to all our athletes who competed and those who are injured who came and supported our competitors and to the many Budokan volunteers who supported the running of the event. 
  • Photo L-R: Lilly Zollinger GOLD, Crosby Peake GOLD, Nic Platonov GOLD, Marcus Liao SILVER


  • The club’s entry to this event was marginally down on 2018, although our results were very sound.  Detailed results are in the attached document.  We had 24 Budokan athletes competing in 30 divisions winning 18 medals:  8 x Gold, 4 x Silver, 6 x Bronze medals + 3 x 5th, 2 x 7th placings.  
  • This means 53% of athletes who competed and 60% of divisions entered resulted in a medal.  
  • Well done to all our competing athletes, in particular to those who entered a State Open event for the first time, and to those who are contesting new age categories. Thanks also to the great supporting families who comprise the Budokan travelling circus.


Cadet European Tour // Cadet European Cup – Antalya (Turkey) //Turkey Camp // Cadet European Cup – Zagreb (Croatia) // Croatia Camp (1st - 15th March)

  • Saskia Brothers is currently participating in the Cadet Europe Tour and yesterday competed in her first Cadet European Cup in Turkey. Saskia won her first match against Sweden with 2 Waza-Aris firstly countering Uchi-Mata with Gaeshi (weak corner chop) and at 1m30 throwing her opponent with Uchi-Mata. Her second match against Russia was even with Saskia getting in some good forward attacks but also having to defend some strong Uchi-Mata attacks. With 1m in Golden score the Russian scored with bear-hug Kosoto-Gake which was clearly a direct grip and should not have scored. In repechage against Turkey, Saskia maintained grip advantage on her opponent and transitioned well on the ground at 1m 30 for the win with Koshi-Jime (strangle). In the next match against Turkey, Saskia scored Waza-Ari with a very determined Uchi-Mata but later became a little defensive and with 30 secs to go was thrown with Ouchi-Gari, leveling the score. An aggressive golden score period saw both girls pushing hard. At 30 seconds, Saskia pushed forward and was thrown for Ippon – a great effort in her first European Cup for 7th place.  Saskia will train at the camp and then move to Croatia for her second competition next weekend. We wish her well. Congratulations to all of these International representatives for your efforts and achievements and wishing you all the best in your next events.