Congratulations to our new NSW State Champions!!

On April 1st, the State Judo Championships were held at the Sydney Olympic Park. It began with the KATA competition on Saturday where Budokan won medals in both junior and senior KATA competitions:
Junior Nage-No-Kata – 2nd Bernhard and Bianca Tandean
Junior Ju-No-Kata – 3rd Bernhard and Bianca Tandean
Senior Nage-No-Kata – 1st Andras Koltai

On April 2nd, the SHIAI competition ran all divisions in one day. Budokan athletes had an outstanding day, winning 22 x GOLD, 7 x SILVER, 4 x BRONZE & 2 x 4th places!
Contest: 28 athletes in 32 divisions winning:
Junior B/G: 9 athletes: 1st x 3; 2nd x 1; 3rd x 1; 4th x 2
Senior B/G: 9 athletes: 1st x 4; 2nd x 3; 3rd x 1
Cadet M/W: 7 athletes: 1st x 6; 2nd x 1;
Junior M/W: 6 Cad. + 2J/M: 1st x 6; 2nd x 1; 3rd x 1
Senior M/W: 3 Cad, 2J/M, 1 S/M: 1st x 3; 2nd x 2; 3rd x 1

A big thank you to our volunteers Belinda, Rachel, Susie, Franz (referee), Lubo (referee) and also to the family and friends who came along to show their support!
Thank you also to our coaching team of Rob, Kerrye, Dale and Andras. Below are all the individual results by division. Well done to everyone!

Junior Boys/Girls Senior Boys/Girls
U/32 – 1st Bianca Tandean U/36 – 2nd Ali McPherson
U/44 – 1st Lilli Jennings U/40 – 3rd Mina Woo
U/27 – u/p Crosby Peake U/52 – 2nd Alicia Gunardi
U/30 – 1st Sam Lobsey U/57 – 1st Beth Wade
3rd Francis Park U/40 – 1st Oliver Jennings
4th Christian Constantinou u/p Phoenix Edwards
U/34 – 4th Edan Koltai U/50 – 2nd Finn Tafft
U/38 – 2nd Lion Park U/55 – 1st Alex Ross
U/50 – u/p Jackson Palgan U/60 – 1st Michael Ross

Cadet Men/Women Junior Men/Women
U/57 – 1st Saskia Brothers U/57 – 1st Saskia Brothers
u/p Maddison Edwards U/70 – 1st Emma Leishman
U/63 – 1st Amber Rudgley 2nd Amber Rudgley
U/70 – 1st Emma Leishman U/55 – 1st Zach Colman
2nd Amber Rudgley U/60 – 1st Bjorn Tandean
U/55 – 1st Zach Colman U/66 – 1st Lachlan Brothers
U/60 – 1st Bjorn Tandean 3rd Xavier Tafft
U/66 – 1st Xavier Tafft U/73 – 1st Cameron Leishman

Senior Men/Women
U/63 – 2nd Amber Rudgley
U/60 – 1st Bjorn Tandean
U/66 – 1st Lachlan Brothers
3rd Xavier Tafft
U/73 – 1st Cameron Leishman
U/81 – 2nd Jakob Edwards