Great participation and results from our wonderful Budokan Judo Club athletes at the Melbourne International Judo Open this year. We had 20 athletes competing in 24 divisions. These athletes won medals in 16 divisions: 8 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze, with 2 others fighting for Bronze. This means that 2 athletes in every 3 divisions entered, achieved a medal. There were some individual milestones, significant improvements, and a couple of contentious matches but this is always a part of Judo and we just have to push forward. We also entered Junior Teams on both days with our Senior Boys/Girls winning, and our Junior Boys/Girls coming in second. With representation in Junior Nage-No-Kata and Masters, everyone learned something from their experience and developed their Judo which is the ultimate goal. Well done to you all. Detailed results are attached.