The 2019 National Championships were held on the Gold Coast over the 7th to 10th June long weekend. The NSW State Team included 40 Budokan Judo Club members. The Budokan contingent comprised 32 athletes in 40 Shiai (contest) divisions which included 2 athletes in 3 Veterans divisions, 2 athletes in 3 No-Limits divisions and 1 athlete in Kyu grades. We also had 4 athletes in 8 Kata divisions, plus 4 coaches and 2 referees. Our results this year were significantly improved on 2018, with 16 medals (20% of NSW’s total of 84) won in age-limited open grade divisions:

  • 7 x Gold, 6 x Silver, 3 x Bronze, plus 3 medals in Veterans (1 x Gold, 2 x Silver), 3 medals in No-Limits (2 x Gold, 1 x Silver), and 1 x Gold in Kyu grades, a total of:
  • 11 x Gold, 9 x Silver, 3 x Bronze medals, 6 x 5th and 2 x 9th placings. Additionally, our Kata competitors won:
  • 3 x Gold, 2 x Silver, and 2 x Bronze medals

Congratulations to all our athletes. A detailed report will be posted in our next newsletter and on our website. In the meantime, a summary follows:

  •  Gold medals: Nicholas Platonov, Mina Woo, Jacinta Vumbaca, Saskia Brothers (x 2), Josh Katz, Nathan Katz, Aziz Yuldashev (Veterans), Bernhard Tandean (x 2) (No-Limits), Bjorn Tandean (Kyu Grades), Berhard Tandean (Kata), Bianca Tandean (Kata), Andras Koltai (Kata)
  • Silver medals: Lilly Zollinger,  Bianca Tandean, Max Zollinger, Michael Ross, Saskia Brothers, Scott Young (x 2) (Veterans), Lynne McCredden (No-Limits), Bjorn Tandean (Kyu Grades), Andras Koltai (Kata), David Willison (Kata)
  •  Bronze medals: Marwan Abdelfadil, Ali McPherson, Will Zollinger, Ali Yuldashev, Berhard Tandean (Kata), Bianca Tandean (Kata)
  •  5th Places: Clarissa Vumbaca, Vicki Vorillas, Alex Ross, Jacinta Vumbaca, Isabella Vumbaca, Bjorn Tandean,
  •  9th Places: Bryan Zhang, Phoenix Edwards,   
  •  Participated: Sergey Phillips, Crosby Peake (injured), Marcus Liao, Jaeda Liao, Sean Goldthorpe, Peter Cheon, Alex Ross, Bjorn Tandean, Logan O’Brien, David Willison (Kata)