Following Saturday’s normal club training, we prepared for our Movie Night. It was a great success in all aspects – a great social night particularly for our Juniors with a couple of cool movies, BBQ and this time made unique when combined with our first overnight camp for Junior Boys and Girls and older athletes. Thanks to Andras for arranging the Movie Night and for the many parents who supported the catering, in particular Adrian Barbin who manned the BBQ.  17 athletes stayed overnight on the Judo mats and this was quite an experience for them (and us!). The camp was focused on our competition athletes and started with 6.30am wake-up to ACDC’s Thunderstruck and a circuit at 7.00am. Some of our Seniors who didn’t stay overnight arrived in the morning to complete their circuit training as well. We all had a good breakfast and this was followed by another Judo session from 10.00am and to 12.00 noon. In all, a great concept, some good intensive training, and something that we’ll be looking more at in the future.  Well done to all the Budokanis who participated.