Budokan Zoom Sessions and Club Email Update

“Budokan Zoom Sessions and Club Email Update. We hope that you are all keeping healthy and well during these challenging times. Restrictions are slowly easing and we are hopeful that some modified training may be possible at the club in the coming weeks. As we have made many updates to our regular email distribution list, we want to ensure that everyone has been captured and is receiving email.

  • Emails were sent out to members in late April and then follow up information was emailed later. The emails advised that to try and keep all of our athletes connected during this time away from the club, we were commencing on-line live virtual Judo sessions. The first one was held on Thursday 30th April and the Zoom application was used for this purpose.


  • For the past 4 weeks we have run MONS sessions on Wednesday nights, and Junior sessions followed by Senior sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and they have proved to be very popular. No equipment or mats are needed at home (other than a pillow dressed in a Judogi jacket), and they have been suitable for all levels. The links to each session are posted on a new Facebook page called -  “Budokan Zoom Training”.

Please message Rob on 0411409632 if you have not received emails relating to these sessions or if you wish to be added to the new Zoom Facebook page where you can access links for the zoom sessions scheduled each week. Occasionally we will use recordings of previous sessions where links allow you to download the session. These sessions can also be used where club members aren’t able to make the scheduled “live” sessions”.