The Fundraiser was a great success and congratulations and thanks go to Sue Leishman for coordinating and manning another worthwhile Bunnings BBQ fundraiser.  Over $1300 in proceeds will go towards the Budokan members selected to the NSW State Team for the 2018 Nationals.  We hope that we haven’t missed out anyone who took time out on Sunday last week but at the risk of doing so (let me know if we did), thank you so much to:Alainya and Matt Zollinger, Dave Colman, Romanna Luo, Chang Woo, Ann Hao, Eugene Platonov, Jamie McCreddon, Jo and Damien Edwards, Kelly and Gary McPherson, Cam, Emma and of course Sue Leishman, Kate and Gary Peake, Dale Keogh, Rita and Sam Vumbaca, Dana Brothers, Ming Lei, Peter Jennings, Karen Mogilin and Kerrye Katz.This is quite a labour intensive activity and we need many good workers to make the day a success.  Thank you so much for your support and we hope to recruit many new families to these activities in the future.