Cadet and Junior Asian Cups – Macau

After completing a camp in Macau, Saskia and Zach competed in Macau in Cadets. Zach’s first match in was against Hong Kong which he won by Ippon. He won his second match by Ippon with a strangle and lost the Semi-Final to India. His Bronze match went 1m 30s into Golden Score against UAE at which time he was thrown with Uchi-Mata. A good effort for 5th place. Saskia’s first match was against Maria Swan (WA) who had beaten TPE. She won this match in Golden Score countering a Sasae for Waza-Ari. In a small division, this took Saskia to the final against Korea. She was caught early for Waza-Ari and then played using strong gripping but pushed forward a bit too much and was rolled with drop Seoi-Nage, taking the Silver medal. Saskia hurt her thumb in Cadets preventing her from competing in Junior Women.  This is great exposure to international competition for our young and talented Budokanis having 17 matches between them over 2 weekends! Well done!