Josh Katz – Josh started well against the Asian Junior Silver medalist Ali (IND) with Kata-Guruma attacks and had to defend Seoi-Nage attacks. 2 minutes in, josh skipped his Indian opponent and timed a lovely Deashi-Harai for Ippon. In his next match against Asian Junior Bronze medalist Mahmoud (IRI), Josh’s footwork prevailed again with Waza-Ari off Deash-Harai in the first exchange followed by some solid pressure to close the match conceding only 1 Shido. The Quarter Final was against Grand Prix medalist and World Top 30,  Yang (TPE) who Josh lost to last year in the final of the Asian Open Hong Kong. A great effort going just under full-time with Josh attacking well with Kouchi-Gari but having to defend strong Sode-Tsurikomi and Ne-Waza attacks. A very long Ne-Waza exchange started with Josh attacking but losing position and defending for a long time to finally get held down. Josh’s repechage match against East Asian Championship Bronze Enkhtaivan (MGL) was an even affair at about 2m30s, with Josh just a Shido down. At this point Josh attacked with Seoi-Nage but as he came out of the attack MGL scored Waza-Ari off his own Seoi-Nage. Not long after, Josh’s deep Kouchi-Makikomi attack was countered with Gaeshi. MGL won his next match for Bronze. A solid effort by Josh for 7th place.