The club has arranged a training visit to Osaka Japan for a selected group of high level Budokan Juniors. Kerrye and Yuki Uemura, who was one of the Assistant Junior Coaches for NSW, will take 9 Budokan and 2 Zenbu Juniors to train at a number of clubs in Osaka over the Christmas holidays. This is a fantastic opportunity for these kids and will give them a clear understanding of the Japanese training ethic and culture as they push forward with their own careers. Congratulations to Nicholas Platonov, Crosby Peake, Mina Woo, Ali McPherson, Phoenix Edwards, Bianca Tandean, Will and Max Zollinger, and Ali Yuldashev.

  • These athletes and their parents have already been working hard to fundraise for this trip starting with a Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser and they are also holding a Bunnings BBQ at Northmead on Saturday 26th October. If you want to support this fundraising by giving up some of your time on the day, please contact Jo Edwards.