14 STATE CHAMPIONS  Budokan was well represented with 29 athletes competing in 33 divisions, winning an amazing 14 Gold medals, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.  Although entered, unfortunately Marwan Abdelfadi, Jaeda Liao, Berhnard Tandean and Lynne McCredden had no other competitors in their divisions so could not compete.  We had athletes playing out of their weight division, playing out of their age category and some who didn’t medal but won matches. Some athletes didn’t win a match but played very well showing good skills and determination against more experienced opponents. Great effort by all of these athletes.  Thanks also to all the terrific Budokan parents who acted as competition support volunteers for the day. Individual results follow:   

  • Junior Boys and Girls:
  • Gold – Lilly Zollinger, Crosby Peake, Nicholas Platonov
  • Bronze – Marcus Liao, Sergey Philips (Willoughby)
  • Participated – Bryan Zhang, Ben Zollinger, Nickan Ashouri, Joel Cartisano


  • Senior Boys and Girls
  • Gold – Mina Woo, Ali Yuldashev, Melika Tarighat, Will Zollinger, Max Zollinger, Sean Goldthorpe 
  • Bronze – Phoenix Edwards
  • Participated – Flynn Mogilin, Bianca Tandean, Vicki Vorillas


  • Cadet Men and Women:
  • Gold – Jacinta Vumbaca, Beth Wade, Kevin Tarighat
  • Silver – Alex Ross
  • Bronze – Michael Ross
  • Participated – Peter Cheon


  • Junior Men and Women:
  • Gold – Jacinta Vumbaca, Kevin Tarighat
  • Silver – Bjorn Tandean
  • Participated – Isabella Vumbaca, Beth Wade


  • Senior Men and Women:
  • Silver – Bjorn Tandean
  • Participated – Reza Ashouri, Casey Eamer

   The day before the Shiai event, Judo NSW held the State Kata Championships and again Budokan was well represented with great results as follows: 

  • Junior Nage-No-Kata – 1st Place – Bernhard and Bianca Tandean
  • Senior Ju-No-Kata – 1st Place – Bernhard and Bianca Tandean
  • Senior Nage-No-Kata – 1st Place – David Willison and partner