Saturday training resumed on 21st April with a great turnout despite a late start due to heavy traffic coming into the Showground for a domestic chemical collection and changed entry and exit conditions into the Showground. The entry road is now only 1 lane controlled by a traffic light so please allow for this. Saturday 28th April was the last club Saturday training for a while.  Saturday 5th May marks the start of the NSW State Camp and State Squad training involving many Budokan athletes so we will not be running Saturday club training until after the Nationals (8th – 10th June). Saturday club training will resume on 16th June (we will miss 6 Saturday sessions at the club).  If you are not intending to compete at the Nationals please see Kerrye or Rob about doing the State Squad session on these 6 Saturdays.  Further, Judo NSW has sought nominations from NSW athletes wishing to compete at the Nationals. If interested, this must be completed on line (with the required payment) at the following link on the Judo NSW website by next Friday 27th April National body (JFA Inc.) has also released a program for the Nationals and this is included at the same link. Please ensure that you complete the Judo NSW requirements in completing the nomination. If you have any questions on this please talk to Rob or Kerrye.