Could all of the following club members who won a major award at the 2018 Club Awards Night, please check at home to see whether you still have the large perpetual club trophy and return it to the club as soon as possible. We have completed an inventory of trophies in the cabinet and the following 18 of 30 trophies are still out. Where they have been shared between 2 athletes, please check anyway to ensure you don’t have it. Returned trophies have not been listed:

  • Awards for Improvement                                                                                                             
  1. Junior Boy/Girl Winner 2018: FLYNN MOGILIN, MAX ZOLLINGER                                               
  2. Senior Boy/Girl Winner 2018: PETER CHEON, ALI YULDASHEV                            
  • Awards for Encouragement                                                                                              
  1. MONS Winner 2018:                  KATHERINE CHEN
  2. Junior Boy/Girl Winner 2018:     LUCAS LUTTRELL, NICHOLAS PLATONOV            
  3. Senior Boy/Girl Winner 2018:    JUNKAI WANG, VICKY VORILLAS                               
  4. Cadet Winner 2018:                   JACINTA VUMBACA                                                                           
  5. Senior Winner 2018:                  LOGAN O’BRIEN, LYNNE McCREDDEN
  • Beginner's Award                                                                                              
  1. MONS Winner 2018:                 ISAAC MURKINS   
  2. Junior B/G Winner 2018:          DEREK HE, DYLON JAMES
  3. Senior B/G Winner 2018:          CLARISSA VUMBACA                       
  4. Senior Winner 2018:                 JOSEPH ORLINA, JACINTA VUMBACA                                
  • ·The John Sandri Judo Spirit Award Winners 2018:  BETH WADE, ALI McPHERSON       
  • Awards for Best Junior Boys and Girls   Junior Girls’ Winner 2018: BIANCA TANDEAN
  • Awards for Best Senior Boys and Girls  
  1. Senior Girls’ Winner 2018:        MINA WOO                                                                            
  2. Senior Boys’ Winner 2018:       ALI YULDASHEV                 
  • Awards for Best Cadet - Cadet Boys’ Winner 2018: ZACH COLMAN               
  • Awards for Best Junior Woman and Junior Man  - Junior Woman Winner 2018: SASKIA BROTHERS
  • Pat & Ian Daniels Award for the Budokan Volunteer of the Year  Winner 2018: SUSI TANDEAN