Mat Protocol

         Hygiene and mat discipline are extremely important in Judo, so please follow these very important rules:

    • No footwear in the Dojo – EVER. Please leave shoes outside the main door
    • Use slip-on footwear provided to enter kitchen
    • Be punctual - if late for a session, you MUST ask a coach before coming onto the mat
    • Once training has commenced, you MUST ask a coach before stepping off the mat
    • Bring a big enough water bottle to training so that you don't have to refill it during the session. Leave the bottle along the edge of the mat
    • Take the water bottle away (home) after training or you may lose it
    • Don't wear any jewellery of any kind onto the mat or any hair ties containing metal, plastic or other hard material
    • Don't wear any guards (knee, ankle, etc) which contain metal, plastic or other hard material 
    • Have clean hands and feet and clean cut nails (no false nails)
    • Children must not climb on or behind the crash mats or use any of the equipment without being supervised by one of the coaches