Level 1 NSW Good Sports Accreditation


Message from Rob Katz, President Budokan Judo Club October 2015

Budokan Judo Club is now a Level 1 Good Sports accredited club.  Good Sports is an evidence-based program that relies on the feedback of participating clubs to enable the program to measure its effectiveness and the overall impact of changing alcohol management practices in sporting clubs.

Good Sports works with communities to make sports clubs safe and healthy by providing advice about managing alcohol responsibly and making clubs more family-friendly.

As a Level 1 Good Sports club Budokan strives to promote healthy and responsible lifestyle regarding alcohol, smoking and healthy eating.

At Budokan Judo Club, we want to keep the club a safe and healthy place for families to play and enjoy Judo. That’s why we joined the Good Sports program in October 2015. It shows we manage alcohol responsibly. At functions held in the club, we will promote the values of the Good Sports Program and attempt to make available water, cordial and soft drink. Please help us show the community that we’re a family-friendly club by supporting these initiatives.


Some important messages about why we are a Good Sports Club
As a Good Sports club Budokan is committed to managing alcohol responsibly. Alcohol can significantly affect sporting performance and recovery

  • Slower reflexes and reduced coordination:
    Drinking even a small amount of alcohol before training or competition can affect reaction time, reflexes, balance, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • Hangovers:
    Symptoms of a hangover include headache, fatigue, shakiness, nausea and vomiting. Not ingredients for a tip-top sporting performance!
  • Reduced performance and stamina:
    Our bodies work hard to increase energy when we’re playing Judo. After drinking, your body needs to work to break down the alcohol. These two processes compete for resources, and when combined with dehydration, decrease performance and stamina.

  • Soft tissue injuries take longer to repair:
    Recovering from a soft tissue injury requires reducing blood flow to the area; however alcohol increases blood flow and as a result increases recovery time.

For more information visit

https://adf.org.au/ http://goodsports.com.au/