Budokan Judo Club COVID Safety Plan

As required by the NSW Government and the Hills Shire Council, I have drafted Budokan Judo Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan using the NSW Government template for gyms and indoor recreation areas. It is comprehensive and you should take the time to read it to be comfortable that we are taking every action to mitigate the risks associated with COVID. I have attached the document in the email under which this newsletter has been sent and a copy will be available at the club.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Over the next week I will redraft and distribute the process for entering the Dojo and participating in Judo at the club. The processes will be familiar to most as they are based on those developed after returning to the mat after last year’s lockdown. The only two significant differences will be:

  • Prior to entering the dojo, members and spectators will be required to present evidence of double vaccination by all aged 16yo+
  • There is a strong preference for use of the QR code for entry over the Attendance Book – it is much easier for the club to report on any attendances via the QR code system. Parents please try to use the QR code for your children even if you don’t enter the hall. Completing the attendance book is mandatory if the QR code is not used.
  • Other rules relating to temperature checks, hand sanitising, physical distancing, limited participation on the mat, limited number of spectators, early class end, wipe-down of mats and furniture etc that were in place previously, still apply.

 Please refer to the attached files for futher Safety Plan details.