I hadn’t previously detailed the results of our MONS/Juniors competition so I will cover them in this newsletter.  As previously mentioned, we had over 113 participants from 11 clubs who we thank gratefully for their support:  Budokan (34), O-KO (15), Zen Bu (12), Tiger-Do (10), Kokoro (10), UTS (10), Zoo (8), SUJC (4), UNSW (4), Woy Woy (4) and Blacktown City (2).

  • Congratulations to all Budokan athletes who competed in this competition, many for the first time. Thank you again to all the fantastic club volunteers who set-up the venue, manned the front door, performed weigh-ins, draw progression, scoring and timing, marshalling, who refereed, acted as First Aid officer, manned the canteen and the BBQ, packed up the venue, and the many other jobs that ran so well on the day. As usual, the competition ran very well and you are all legends!!  Results for Budokan athletes follow:

 In the Mons age category, 41 athletes contested 13 divisions. 

  • Mons Novice Boys 24kg: Ethan Lim 3rd, Lincoln Marshall 4th
  • Mons Novice Boys 27kg: Levi Murkins 1st, Lucas Conti 3rd, Lachlan Wang 4th
  • Mons Novice Boys 38kg: William Dong 4th
  • Mons Novice Girls 20kg: Gretchen Dong 3rd
  • Mons Novice Girls 23kg: Emma Cooper 1st, Helen Sano 2nd 
  • Mons Graded Boys 24kg: Andy Wang 3rd
  • Mons Graded Boys 31kg: Christian Sigvart 1st
  •  Best Ne-Waza (Groundwork) Lincoln Marshall, Helen Sano

In the Juniors age category, 72 athletes contested 21 divisions.

  • Junior Novice Boys 25kg: River Zellner 2nd
  • Junior Novice Boys 30kg: Donnie Zhang 3rd in Pool
  • Junior Novice Boys 34kg: Alex Zeitung 1st, Adam Zhang 2nd
  • Junior Novice Boys 38kg: Yousef Helal 4th, Isaac Choi 5th
  • Junior Novice Boys 46kg: Callum Dick 1st
  • Junior Novice Boys 50kg: Amon Kodat 1st
  • Junior Novice Girls 30kg: Sarah Jones 1st, Junning Mak 3rd,
  • Junior Novice Girls 42kg: Jasmin Ashton 1st, Olivia Cooper 2nd, Gabrielle Reeves 3rd, Catherine Chen 4th
  • Junior Graded Boys 26kg: Trent Black 2nd
  • Junior Graded Boys 30kg: Isaac Murkins 1st, Ethan Zhang 2nd
  • Junior Graded Boys 38kg: Marcus Liao 2nd
  • Junior Graded Boys 50kg: Rhys Conti 4th
  • Junior Graded Girls 31kg: Dasha Platonov 2nd
  • Junior Graded Girls 45kg: Lilly Zollinger 1st, Tamsin Black 2nd, Eva Murkins 3rd
  • Best Ne-Waza (Groundwork): Ethan Zhang