Congratulations to the 6 Senior Budokan athletes for competing in the Central Coast Open competition on 11th April. Results follow:  

  • Cadets:
  • 60kg Phoenix Edwards 2nd
  • 60kg (playing up from 55kg) Will Zollinger 3rd
  • 48kg Elisha Mistry 1st


  • Junior Men/Women:
  • 55kg Will Zollinger 1st
  • 60kg Phoenix Edwards 5th


  • Senior Men/Women
  • 60kg Will Zollinger - 3rd
  • 60kg Phoenix Edwards - 5th
  • 60kg Vincent Zhu - 5th
  • 73kg Conrad van Dort - 3rd
  • 52kg Elisha Mistry - 3rd


  • Veteran Men
  • 73kg Conrad van Dort - 1st
  • 81kg Hide Sano - Unplaced

 Unfortunately, due to advice provided by the Dept. Of Health on Friday, to protect the wider Judo community from a potential Chicken Pox spread, our Juniors were not able to compete.   This was a decision which disappointed all of us and we thank all our Budokan families who took on this directive promptly and graciously.