Congratulations to the 27 Budokan athletes who contested 30 divisions at the State Titles resulting in 10 State Titles won and 15 medals (50%), those being: 10 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze, plus 3 x 4th/5th places. Great results considering we had a number of athletes out with injuries. Additionally, Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean won Silver on the Senior Katame-No-Kata competition and Trent Black won Silver in the Junior Nage-No-Kata competition. Competition details follow.                                                                                                                                                                                    Junior Girls

  • 1st                         U/36kg              Junning Mak
  • 3rd                        U/36kg              Joy Ma

Junior Boys

  • 3rd                        U/34kg              Levi Murkins
  • 5th                         U/34kg              Donny Zhang
  • 9th                         U/34kg              Trent Black
  • 1st                         U/38kg              Isaac Murkins
  • 2nd                        U/50kg              Leon Park

Senior Girls

  • 2nd                        U/40kg              Dasha Platonov
  • U/P                      U/48kg              Jaslyn Dhanoa
  • 1st                         U/50kg              Eva Murkins
  • 2nd                        U/50kg              Lilly Zollinger
  • 1st                         U/57&63kg     Tamsin Black
  • U/P                      U/57&63kg     Shanning Mak
  • U/P                      U/63kg              Shanning Mak

Senior Boys

  • 1st                         U/36kg              Ethan Zhang
  • 3rd                        U/36kg              Johnny Ma
  • 1st                         U/40kg              Nicholas Platonov
  • 2nd                        U/40kg              Daniil Savytskyi
  • 9th                         U/50kg              Yusef Helal
  • 5th                         U/55kg              Ben Zollinger

Cadet Women

  • U/P                      U/70&O/70    Anita Nourafshan                     

Cadet Men

  • 1st                         U/50kg              Crosby Peake
  • U/P                      U/50kg              Demin Cai
  • 1st                         U/55kg              Aaron Xu
  • U/P                      U/90kg              Daniel Holley

Junior Men

  • 3rd                        U/60kg              Aaron Xu
  • 1st                         U/66kg              Ali Yuldashev

Senior Men

  • 1st                         U/66kg              Ali Yuldashev
  • 4th                         U/100kg           Matt Hull

Veteran Men

  • 2nd                        U/81kg              Scott Young