Congratulations to the 31 Budokan athletes who contested 39 divisions winning 25 (64%) medals:4 Gold, 10 Silver and 11 Bronze medals plus a number of unplaced athletes with matches won. Details follow:                                                                                                                                               Junior Girls:

  • Gold:                   Junning Mak
  • Silver:                 Joy Ma

Junior Boys:

  • Silver:                 Isaac Murkins
  • Bronze:              Levi Murkins, Jeremy Tan
  • 5th:                       Donny Zhang, Leon Park, William Dong

Senior Girls:

  • Silver:                 Dasha Platonov, Lilly Zollinger, Tamsin Black
  • Bronze:              Eva Murkins, Shanning Mak

Junior Boys:

  • Gold:                   Nicholas Platonov
  • Bronze:              Momo Jiang
  • 5th:                       Daniil Savytskyi, Johnny Ma
  • 9th:                       Ethan Zhang, Marcus Liao, Ben Zollinger, Tim Reshanov

Cadet Women:

  • Gold:                   Bianca Tandean
  • Bronze:              Jaeda Liao

Cadet Men:

  • Bronze:              Crosby Peake, Aaron Xu
  • 7th :                      Demin Cai
  • 9th :                      Flynn Mogilin

Junior Women:

  • Silver:                 Clarissa Vumbaca
  • Bronze:              Bianca Tandean

Junior Men:

  • Silver:                 Ali Yuldashev
  • 9th:                       Aaron Xu,
  • Other:                 Flynn Mogilin

Senior Women:

  • Silver:                 Clarissa Vumbaca, Bianca Tandean

Senior Men:

  • Bronze:              Ali Yuldashev
  • Other:                 Flynn Mogilin

No Limits Women:

  • Bronze:              Lynne McCredden

No Limits Men:

  • Gold and Silver:  Bernhard Tandean