• When: Saturday 6th July between 5.00 and 8.00pm
  • Where: The Fiddler Hotel (2 Commercial Rd, Rouse Hill) we have reserved the Lounge Room. You will be able to purchase your own food and drinks.
  • Who: All club members, all age categories and their families. Please try and make this event a special one.
  • Why: To allow the club to celebrate Josh’s Olympic qualification and to give all club members a chance to see and talk to Josh off the mat and away from the club, before he leaves for Europe on 16th July. A quote from Josh: "Whatever the road ahead looks like, or however long I have to struggle for, I’m willing to put everything on the line, and I hope that inspires others to do the same. Whatever it takes."
  • Recently retired dual-Olympian Nathan will also be accompanying Josh to Paris as a warmup partner for Josh and the two female athletes. Club member Lubo Petr has also been selected as Olympic referee.
  • Please try to get there.

Please note that Josh’s sponsor CMBT Nutrition has produced supporter T-shirts for which the first pre-order has already been submitted for manufacture. Additional Ts have been ordered and will be available at the club with the first pre-order. There will be an opportunity for a second order or you can go on-line yourselves and place an order at https://cmbt.com.au/products/josh-katz-olympics-2024-supporter-shirt-pre-order?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR0_HQy9d7Sa-SUCGaAqT9ot5FOJgzW3QAcPJRt0LZI6jaMe8FI7S8ADtvo_aem_Dy_jfiV9GxHzJ57C7hmR8g

  • This is a great way to support Josh directly. He is one of only 3 Judoka, the only Australian male and the only NSW athlete who has qualified for these Olympic Games.