Nathan and Josh have now returned home having spent two weeks in quarantine following a large competition block overseas. This was a very difficult block for many reasons and in addition to the normal pressures of international competition, the challenges this time were significant. These include: last minute changes in flights and training base location, extensive COVID testing, no access outside of hotel rooms and training venues, back-to-back competitions in a very short period, illnesses, injury management, funding issues, interruption to training from quarantine. Few people could comprehend the resilience and commitment required to persevere and maintain motivation under such adverse conditions, to chip away getting so close to the Olympic qualification zone, but not quite being there yet. Kudos and respect to Nathan and Josh for their commendable and significant efforts to date and the progress made towards their goal.  Their results fighting for a medal in the Asian Oceania Continental Championships is testament to their consistent hard work and potential for podium performances. They will now commence their preparations for the final Olympic Games qualification event, the Senior World Championships to be held in Budapest Hungary 6th to 13th June. We wish them well in their preparations and every success in this major international event.