INTERNATIONAL UPDATE - 2022 Cadet World Championships, Sarajevo Bosnia 24th – 28th August - Clarissa Vumbaca

Clarissa Vumbaca 48kg. Clarissa had a first round bye and in the Round of 32 fought World #17 Le Cam of France who beat Georgia in her first round. An awkward right-hander constantly looking for the cross-shoulder grip and Sumi-Gaeshi, Clarissa (World #42) did extremely well to dominate much of the match with 3 very strong attacks from Deashi-Harai and Sasae, which could have easily been a score. FRA seemed to struggle and should have been penalised for a poor drop attack and passivity. Almost on the bell, FRA managed to get her cross-grip and dropped for a sacrifice throw landing Clarissa on her side for Waza-Ari, such bad luck in a match which was almost perfectly executed.Both Will and Clarissa fought confidently, with good structure to their play and attacked with purpose – they looked like they belonged on the international stage and the future looks bright for them. Well done guys. 

  • Congratulations also to Budokan Coach Kerrye who was National Cadet Coach for this event.