INTERNATIONAL UPDATE - 2022 Cadet World Championships, Sarajevo Bosnia 24th – 28th August - Will Zollinger

Will Zollinger 60kg.  Will’s first match in R32 was against Mulalic (Bosnia) who had beaten his opponent from Bahamas in the first round. He dominated the first 1m30s with Seoi-Nage and Kouchi and Ouchi-Gari. At this point he set up a nice drop Morote Seoi-Nage scoring Waza-Ari. The local boy worked hard getting in a couple of attacks but Will timed his left drop Ippon-Seoi well and followed up quickly on the ground to keep the pressure on and this is how the match ended. In the Round of 16, Will (World #45) was up against World #2 Ray of France. Will pressured the aggressive left-hander with Ashi-Waza and Tai-Otoshi bringing FRA to his knees. On the next exchange FRA gripped left and switched for a drop right Seoi-Nage scoring Waza-Ari. This was followed by some typical right versus left cat and mouse play, each trying to get hips in front of the other. Eventually, FRA reached around Will’s back and Will attacked immediately but FRA got in front of him scoring Waza-Ari ending the match. FRA went on to win Silver. A great effort from Will. Both Will and Clarissa fought confidently, with good structure to their play and attacked with purpose – they looked like they belonged on the international stage and the future looks bright for them. Well done guys. 

  • Congratulations also to Budokan Coach Kerrye who was National Cadet Coach for this event.