INTERNATIONAL UPDATE - 2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham England 1st – 3rd August - Nathan Katz

 With Josh seeded #2 in 60kg and Nathan #1 in 66kg, #TeamKatz had high expectations and were keen for a strong performance at their first Commonwealth Games. 

  • Nathan Katz 66kg. Nathan’s first match (R16) was against Vidot (Seychelles). With dominant gripping, Nathan didn’t take long to find his line for his drop Morote Seoi-Nage ending the match in under 40 seconds. The QF was against the awkward left-hander Balarjishvili (Cyprus). Although the match was quite even going into Golden Score, Nathan did not impose on his opponent to the level he was expecting. CYP persisted with feeding his arm around Nathan’s shoulder and his Sumi-Gaeshi attack eventually resulted in a Waza-Ari score which was very disappointing for Nathan. An invigorated Nathan appeared against Varey (Wales) in repechage, with Nathan completely dominating every aspect of the match. Varey conceded his third Shido just before normal time and Nathan was to then fight the physical Saini (India) for Bronze. Left-hander Saini’s close-contact style was awkward making it difficult for Nathan to impose his style. With 2 Shidos down, Nathan was under pressure but almost managed a score with Sumi-Gaeshi in the closing minute. This gave him some confidence and with seconds remaining, he wound in a massive spinning drop Tai-Otoshi slamming Saini for Ippon, a great way to win Bronze.

 Nathan and Josh spent a bit of time in Sydney recently for a visit and to do some of their own training. They also took time out to assist in both club Junior and Senior sessions; great role models who always take the time to give back to the club – thank you boys!  They return to Melbourne and begin their final preparations for the Senior World Championships to be held in Tashkent Uzbekistan on 6th October. Following this, they will compete in Abu Dhabi on the 21st October, the Perth Oceania Open (Grand Prix points) on 29th October, a small regrouping in November and then December includes the Tokyo Grand Slam and the Jerusalem (World) Masters, a solid schedule for the rest of the year. Wishing the boys all the best in their quest for this Olympic cycle.