INTERNATIONAL UPDATE - 2022 Kata World Championships, Krakow Poland – 13th – 14th September

Best wishes for a successful event to Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean who are currently representing Australia in the Katame-No-Kata (Groundwork Kata) at the World Kata Championships currently being held in Poland. As a strong (Shiai/combat) competition club, Budokan is proud to also have a core support for Kata learning and competition. For club members who retire from competition, or who prefer the non-combat discipline side of Judo, Kata provides another great way to learn Judo skills and still be able to compete. Many Katas or “forms of Judo” have a significant traditional value in Judo with movement, balance, and attacks and defences with various weapons. If you have less of an interest in shiai (combative competition) Judo, maybe Kata offers you another. See Dale for more information.