INTERNATIONAL UPDATE - Clarissa Vumbaca/Will Zonllinger


  • Will Zollinger – first match against his Polish opponent who had beaten Ukraine in his first match. He was caught in groundwork after defending a Tomoe-Nage and did well to escape for a Waza-ari score. In response he attacked very strongly on the ground in the next exchange and almost secured a hold down. This was followed by strong Seoi-Nage and Ashi-Waza attacks which nearly scored and forced a Shido on Poland, but couldn’t quite get back the Waza-Ari. Unfortunately Poland lost to Germany in his next round and this put Will out. A strong performance by Will.


  • Clarissa Vumbaca – first match against Germany who had beaten Hungary in her first match. Clarissa used her feet well from the first exchange and maintained good gripping and intensity. She conceded a Shido about half way which was a bit harsh and late in the match whilst putting pressure on the German with Kouchi-Gari allowed the German to turn for a Makikomi which scored Ippon. Still a strong performance. The German went on to the semi-final and fought for Bronze putting Clarissa in repechage against Hungary.
  • In this match Clarissa had some challenges against the high dominant grip of the Hungarian and was caught for Waza-Ari off Kouchi-Gake after which she defended this attack well. Putting Hungary under pressure with a variety of attacks paid off as Clarissa used Left Sode for Waza-Ari to even up the scores. Pushing hard, Clarissa defended an attack but lost some control and was countered to a hold down. The Hungarian won her next two matches and fought for Bronze. Another strong effort.


  • Will and Clarissa trained well during the camp which followed the competition.


  • Will Zollinger – Unfortunately in the lead up to the Portugal competition, Will injured his shoulder and was unable to compete in Portugal


  • Clarissa Vumbaca – In the Round of 16 Clarissa played France, who had beaten Canada in her first match. Clarissa’s defence was solid against some strong attacks by France both standing and on the ground. Following a Shido for passivity, Clarissa used a Sasae chop against France’s extreme stance which was effective. However, later she used the same strategy but over-reached the leg and France score Waza-Ari with Kouchi-Gake, following up on the ground with Juji-Gatame (arm lock) giving France the win. France then lost to Sweden who went on to win the division. This put Clarissa out but again gave her valuable mat time on the international stage. Clarissa participated in the training camp and put in another big effort. 

 Much more to come from these 2 talented Budokan Cadets. Congratulations on your efforts so far.