INTERNATIONAL UPDATE2022 Perth Senior Oceania Open (Grand Prix Olympic Qualifying points) and the Perth Cadet and Junior Oceania Cup – 29th -31st October

The Oceania Open (Grand Prix) for Seniors was held in Perth just 3 weeks ago 

  • Nathan Katz competed in the Oceania Open in which 32 countries contested.  Nathan won 2 of his 4 matches, including 6 minute and 4 minute golden score matches, one of which was fighting for a Bronze medal which he narrowly lost. Although he was very disappointed in missing the Bronze, a 5th place result and 252 Olympic Qualifying points represents a great effort.  Nathan is now in his final preparations for the Tokyo Grand Slam where he will compete on Sunday 4th December. We will hi all the very best for this competition.

 In the Oceania Cup for Cadets and Juniors, in which 8 countries participated, Budokan athletes fought with the following results:

  • Phoenix Edwards – Gold medal Cadets and unplaced in Junior Men U/66kg
  • Clarissa Vumbaca – Silver medal Cadets and Bronze in Junior Women U/52kg
  • Bianca Tandean - Silver medal Cadets and unplaced in Junior Women U/57kg
  • Jacinta Vumbaca – 5th place in Junior Women U/52kg

Congratulations to our guys for taking up the challenge in our own Australian international event.

  • In the Kata competition held at the same event, Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean won Silver in Katame-No-Kata, and Bernhard and Bianca Tandean won Gold in Ju-No-Kata as well as in Nage-No-Kata. Congratulations guys.