Congratulations to all 48 Budokan athletes who entered the last NSW competition for the year. Special congratulations to those athletes who stepped up to the competition stage for the very first time. The benefit of this series of events is that divisions are split not only by age and weight but also by experience levels. Our athletes competed in 53 divisions with a number of athletes entering multiple age categories, the highest number of matches played was 10 by Flynn who competed in 3 age categories. A few athletes had 6 or more matches. A long day from 8.00am to nearly 6.00pm but great experience for everyone. Thanks to all the club coaches: Rob, Kerrye, Dale, Cathy, Liam, and Jarrad who ran the Mons warmup for all competitors. 232 medals were awarded on the day, 89 of them Gold and Budokan won nearly 18% of both total medals awarded and Gold medals, a great result.

  • Club results were 41 medals: 16 Gold, 14 Silver and 11 Bronze medals and are detailed as follows:

  Mons (15 divisions) 11 medals: 2 x G, 3 x S, 6 x B

  • Gold: Levi Murkins, David Shi
  • Silver: Brendan Jones, Nathan Zhang, William Blanch
  • Bronze: Gretchen Dong, Myat Phone Pyae (Max), Evan Bilenko, Anthony He, Oscar Shahmatov,, Charles Elliot
  • 4th: Thomas Blanch, Artin Bina
  • 5th: Jagger Chen, William Elliot

 Junior Girls/Boys (16) 9 medals: 2 x G, 5 x S, 2 x B

  • Gold: Junning Mak, Leon Park
  • Silver: Joy Ma, Katherine Qi Chen, William Dong, Yusef Helal, Jeremy Tan
  • Bronze: Emma Cooper, Olivia Cooper
  • 4th: Trent Black, Pranshu Rao,
  • 5th: Haodong Zhang, Lachlan Wang, Isaac Murkins (injured withdrew after 2 wins), Ethan Zhang
  • 6th: Leonardo Abou Maroun

 Senior Girls/Boys (9) 9 medals: 4 x G, 4 x S, 1 X B

  • Gold: Eva Murkins, Shanning Mak, Crosby Peake, Arta Nourafshan
  • Silver: Tamsin Black, Marcus Liao, Daniil Savytskyi, Momo Liang
  • Bronze: Johnny Ma

Cadet Men/Women (3) 3 medals: 1 x G, 1 x S, 1 x B

  • Gold: Demin Cai
  • Silver: Aaron Xu,
  • Bronze: Flynn Mogilin

Junior Men/Women (3) 2 medals: 2 x G

  • Gold: Jacinta Vumbaca, Aaron Xu
  • 4th: Flynn Mogilin

 Senior Men/Women (5) 4 medals: 3 x G, 1 x S, 1 x B

  • Gold: Jaeda Liao, Jacinta Vumbaca, Matt Hull
  • Silver: Flynn Mogilin
  • 5th: Alexi Bilenko

 Veteran Men/Women (2) 2 medals: 2 x G

  • Gold: Aaron Jones, Alexi Bilenko