Congratulations to the 37 Budokan athletes who contested 41 divisions at this event winning 32 medals as follows: 

  • 15 x Gold medals – Brendan Jones, Levi Murkins, Joy Ma, Sarah Jones, Gabrielle Reeves (x 2), Tamsin Black, Crosby Peake, Momo Jiang, Max Zollinger, Flynn Mogilin (x 2), Jaeda Liao, Aaron Jones, Jonathon Blanch


  • 9 x Silver medals – Isabelle Tan, Emma Cooper, Olivia Cooper, Leon Park, Yousef Helal, Jeremy Tan, Johnny Ma (x 2), Max Zollinger


  • 8 x Bronze medals – Elliot Ma, Anthony He, Isaac Murkins, Ethan Zhang, Daniel He, Marcus Liao, Tim Reshanov, Momo Jiang


  • Participating – Nathan Zhang, Max Phone Phae, William Blanch, Lucas Conti, William Elliot, Jayden Hu, Donnie Zhang, Daniel Sharpin, Christian Sigvart

 Well done to all our club athletes who participated and put in a big effort. Coaches supporting the day were: Rob, Dale, Cathy, Jarrad and Dieter who was also a volunteer for competition management. 

  • Judo NSW acknowledged Nathan and Josh’s recent Commonwealth Games success by inviting them to this event to meet and greet NSW athletes, parents and coaches, take photos, let the kids wear their Commonwealth Games medals and also present medals for this competition. This was really well received by the Judo community and the boys enjoyed sharing their experience. Unfortunately, somebody in the venue managed to spoil the positive vibe by stealing Nathan’s medallion presentation box. A police report was filed and hopefully CCTV footage will assist inquiries.