Judo NSW Registration and Club Training Fees

  • Club Training Fees. Please don’t forget that the club training fees will be on hold for the full duration of the club’s closure so anniversary dates for your renewal of club training fees will be extended until our return date of 18th October. If you don’t intend to return during that week, please advise Kelly McPherson asap at kellymc80@optusnet.com.au or me at katzfamily@iinet.net.au so we can record your intended return date.  Otherwise, we will have to assume that you are returning on the week of the 18th and invoicing will take effect from then.


  • Annual Judo NSW Fees. Judo NSW advised some time ago that they had placed annual registrations on hold and extended memberships for a period. I am awaiting further advice on any additional credits to membership given the return date for most clubs is now known to be 18th October. Having said that, if your Judo NSW membership has expired, please renew it before returning to the mat. Please do not come to training or send your child to training unless you/they are financial with Judo NSW.