On Tuesday night 7th June, between the Junior & Senior classes we presented all Budokan members of the NSW State Team to the rest of the club. The NSW Team will participate in the National Championships at the Gold Coast this coming weekend 10 – 13 June followed by a National Camp 13 – 15 June. As is tradition for Budokan, all club members participating at the Nationals also receive some financial support and this was also presented by the Club on Tuesday. This tradition has been in place for many years and signifies the importance of our athletes setting high goals for themselves to compete at the Nationals. Qualification is via participation in certain competitions and also completing a State Camp and 5 weeks of Squad training. Interestingly, all our athletes have competed at Nationals before. No doubt they will be looking to improve on their previous results. Some are competing in older age categories for the first time, others have competed in multiple categories before; and some are expecting to win their division(s).  Regardless of expectation, our goal has been to prepare them so they are able to put in their best effort on the day and perform to their full potential; this is the importance of competition. We wish the following Budokanis well in their endeavours this weekend: 

  • 3 x Junior Boys/Girls – Isaac Murkins, Ethan Zhang, Dasha Platanov


  • 8 x Senior Boys/Girls – Nicholas Platonov, Marcus Liao, Crosby Peake, Ben Zollinger, Eva Murkins, Lilly Zollinger, Tamsin Black, Shanning Mak


  • 10 x Cadet Men/Women – Demin Cai, Aaron Xu, Max Zollinger, Will Zollinger, Phoenix Edwards, Flynn Mogilin, Ali Yuldashev, Jaeda Liao, Clarissa Vumbaca, Bianca Tandean


  • 6 x Junior Men/Women – Max Zollinger, Phoenix Edwards, Flynn Mogilin, Ali Yuldashev, Clarissa Vumbaca, Bianca Tandean


  • 5 x Senior Men/Women – Josh Katz, Phoenix Edwards, Clarissa Vumbaca, Isabella Vumbaca, Bianca Tandean


  • 2 x Veterans Men – Scott Young, Conrad van Dort


  • 2 x No Limits Men/Women – Bernhard Tandean, Lynne McCredden


  • 5 x Kata participants – Aaron Xu, Demin Cai, Bernhard Tandean, Bjorn Tandean, Bianca Tandean


  • 3 x State Coaches: Kerrye Katz (Juniors Head), Rob Katz (Junior/Seniors Assistant), Dale Keogh (Kata)


  • 1 x National Referee: Lubo Petr

 In total we have 31 Budokan members attending the Nationals:23 athletes will contest 32 divisions27 athletes will contest 38 divisions including Veterans and No Limits