Hi Budokanis,We hope that you are all still keeping safe and well and coping with the lockdown. We hope also that you enjoyed all the amazing sport of the Olympic Games.  It was sooo good and the coverage was fantastic. A couple of weeks to wait for the Paralympics which is also very exciting.  It’s absolutely crazy that we have already been off the mat for 6 weeks and that the club has run 10 zoom sessions so far after 3 weeks off the mat.

  • Please don’t forget that the club training fees are on hold for the full duration of the club’s closure so anniversary dates for your renewal of club training fees will be extended. Note also that Judo NSW is also extending renewal dates for annual Judo NSW membership so if your registration falls due during the lockdown, please renew it – you will not lose anything and at the same time, you will be ready (with your financial currency) once the club reopens.
  • I have received special Budokan medallions which the club traditionally sources each year from the Perth Mint for presentation after the Nationals. Presentation of these medallions to our 2021 National Champions and also special medallions for our 2021 Olympian and Olympic Referee can be planned only after we return to the club. Our second MONS and Junior Boys and Girls competition is due to be held in less than 3 weeks time and of course will now need to be cancelled.
  • So we have to make the necessary adjustments, and do what we can to keep our club members engaged and of course plan for our return to the club which we are really looking forward to. An important part of this engagement is our Zoom sessions. Whilst learning and practicing Judo via Zoom is far from ideal, it keeps the brain juices flowing in a sport-related way, it keeps some structure to the weekly routine, it keeps our athletes and parents in touch with Judo, with us as their coaches and with each other, and these things are very important.

The links for Budokan Zoom training from now on will be different from past weeks in that we’ve now set up recurring sessions.