Our last newsletter was in November last year so don’t be concerned that you haven’t received one since then. I hope everyone had a healthy and happy time over the holidays and that you are fully refreshed for another big year on and off the mat. Our membership is still hovering around 200 and all our classes have been very well attended this year. All our coaches and assistants are enthusiastic and our elite Cadets, Junior M/W and Seniors have already completed a week-long National Camp in Melbourne during January and competed in two international IJF world-tour events.  Our Juniors have also attended a “Futures” Camp at the AIS. 

  • Noting that all our coaches, committee members and current support parents are volunteers passionate about improving the club and who enjoy giving back to the community, it is difficult to ask more from these people. The club is now at a size where help is needed from new people. Without new support, our growth in progressing some areas of opportunity will be limited. So, off the back of our AGM last November we are seeking parents or Senior athletes who wish to contribute to our Committee work. Please talk to me if you need more information.