A lot has happened in the last 2 months since our las Newsletter. We have had our small group of elite Junior and Senior athletes compete on the world stage and our much larger group of Junior and Senior athletes compete at a number of domestic competitions. Nathan and Rob are currently participating in the Senior National Training Camp in Melbourne in preparation for the Senior World Championships in Qatar followed which will be followed shortly after by IJF Grand Prix events in Austria and Tajikistan. Wishing Nathan all the best for these events. 

  • Class numbers remain healthy and the focus has been on technical development as we soon move into the Nationals preparation phase. With the NSW State Team Training Camp coming up this weekend, followed by State Squad sessions, it will be a busy time for the many Budokan athletes preparing for Nationals.  5 Budokan Coaches are playing a major role in this year’s State Squad. Kerrye is one of the 5 Junior Team Coaches, Rob is one of the 5 Senior Team Coaches, Liam is the Senior Kyu Grades Team Coach, Franz is the No Limits Team Coach, Dale is one of the two Kata Coaches and Liam and Franz are the Veterans Team Coaches.


  • We have now established a new supplier relationship with Ippon.Gear Judogis who manufacture high quality Judogis for club-level use as well as IJF approved Gis for international competition. Club prices are RRP minus a 20% discount. We sell the IJF approved (Red Label) Gis at cost to the club. We will retain our supply agreement for our Budokan embroidered Gis which are still great value for money.

 I mentioned in our last Newsletter that all our coaches, committee members and current support parents are volunteers passionate about improving the club. We have been seeking support from new people to tap into available skills and increase our capacity but to date no one has come forward. So we will maintain our high standards of service and progress on the critical areas but may have to limit some of our other activities.  Please talk to me if you might be interested and need more information.Enjoy the Newsletter and wishing all our athletes great training and great experiences at the club and in your future competitions.