PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE - Coming Back To The Mat and Schedule

Coming Back To The Mat and ScheduleThe last Newsletter was circulated 2 months ago. We hope that you have coped well with the restrictions and are looking forward to returning back to the club and the mat on the 18th October.  We certainly are! At this time, the following classes will recommence:

  • Mondays, from 18th October: (1) Senior Beginner and Kyu Grades
  • Tuesdays from 19th October: (2) Juniors and (3) Seniors
  • Wednesdays, from 20th October: (4) Mons
  • Thursdays, from 21st October: (5) Juniors and (6) Seniors

So, the Wednesday Dino Class WILL NOT run for the rest of the year, and the Saturday afternoon Junior/Senior Competition-level class WILL NOT run until we gauge demand, given that families have been in lockdown for some time and might need more “getting out and about” time.

  • We will be transitioning back to training slowly and methodically. There are no major competitions this year and we can build up Judo fitness slowly on the mat so that we have no unnecessary injuries. Randori will be introduced slowly, and initially we will focus on movement drills, use of crash-mat etc. There should be no fears in returning to the mat. See the section below on the club’s COVID Safety Plan.