Zoom Classes

When I last wrote, we had already been off the mat for 6 weeks and the club had run 10 zoom sessions over 3 weeks.  10 weeks later by the time we return to the mat on the 18th, Budokan will have run 4 months of Zoom classes: 11 Mons classes (Jarrad), 30 Senior classes (Rob), including Beginner/Kyu Grade Mondays (Liam), and 21 Junior classes (Kerrye, Nathan and Josh), in total 62 classes in 13 weeks. The club thanks and greatly appreciates all the coaches who ran these sessions and who maintained energy, enthusiasm, and creativity under difficult circumstances. Also, thank you from all the coaches to all the club’s athletes who regularly participated in these classes.  Your support has been greatly appreciated and helped to motivate us to continue with the classes. We hope that participating in them gave you a valuable break from school/uni/work, allowed you to catch up with your club-mates, and will also help make the transition back to the mat a little easier, having done some regular fitness and Judo drill work. 

  • Please Note: Next week, Zoom sessions for Monday Beginners/Kyu Grades, Tuesday Seniors and Wednesday Mons will still be held. There will no Zoom classes for Juniors on Tuesday and Thursday, or Seniors on Thursday.