The link for every Monday’s Senior Beginner/Kyu session from now on will be always the same, the link for Tuesday Juniors from now on will always be the same, and so on for the Seniors Tuesday, MONS Wednesday, Juniors Thursday and Seniors Thursday.                                                                     *****Therefore it will not be necessary to repeat the links each week.  Just make sure you select the correct link for the session in which you are participating.*****

  • Tomorrow’s zoom sessions (Tuesday 10th August) for both Junior and Senior sessions will include a Q & A opportunity with 2021 Tokyo Olympian Nathan Katz, so please be there and please prepare some questions that you want him to answer.  Nathan has had 11 days in hotel quarantine after returning from Tokyo where he achieved a Top 16 result. This is his 4th 2 week hotel quarantine this year and is looking forward to seeing everyone. Links for all Zoom classes have been emailed to all members with the August Newsletter and are also available on the Budokan Zoomers Messenger group.

Any updates on what to bring to these sessions or any changes in schedule will be posted on the Budokan Zoomers facebook messenger group. If you want to be added to this group, please send Rob your facebook (not email) URL address e.g https://www.facebook.com/rob.katz.37/. If you don’t have a fb account and want to be informed of changes to Zoom sessions advise me and I will add you to an email list created for this purpose.