28th November 2013


Club Committee:    Rob Katz, Kerrye Katz, Greg Tafft, Sean Brothers, Guido Scholtz, Karen Leake, Melissa Rudgley, Dave Colman, Life Member Dale Keogh, outgoing Committee member Donna Young and newly appointed committee member Peter Jennings; JFA(NSW) BoM member Leon McIndoe


Club Coaches:      Rob Katz, Kerrye Katz, Dale Keogh, Guido Scholtz, Andras Koltai, Bryan

Medbury, Carlo Barbarulo, Catherine Roach, Franz Tandean,


Club Sponsors:      Trend Marking - Guido Scholtz; Progressive Fitness - Kerrye Katz; Dale Keogh. Food for the Awards Night – Carlo Barbarulo (“Pizza Alfresco”)



- 23RD November 2013

The following Budokan athletes were listed in the top 4 finalists in an age category or were nominated for a State Coach’s award or won an award at the 2013 Judo NSW Awards Night. These Budokan athletes succeeded in taking up 11 "top 4" positions in 8 individual age categories.

Senior Women:

Kiliane Beunard

Junior Men:

Nathan Katz

Cadet Men:

Josh Katz

Senior Girls and

Kendall Lane

Junior State Coaches’ Award:

Kendall Lane

Senior Girls:

Katelyn Boyd

Junior Girls:

Maddison Edwards

Junior Boys:

Zach Colman

Senior State Coaches’ Award:

Vanessa Hall

Winning the:


Junior Men category:

Josh Katz

Cadet Women category:

Naomi de Bruine

Senior Boys category:  

Kiernan Tafft

Junior Girls category:

Saskia Brothers


Congratulations to all of these athletes – you are great ambassadors for our club. Compared to the 2012 Awards Night, in 2013 we had one additional athlete making the final list, one additional athlete being nominated by a State Coach, and one additional age category winner. We also believe that we would have had a number of athletes who were very close to making both the ‘final 4’ list or winning their age category.


There are many reasons why the club set new standards of performance and achievements in 2013:


·     Membership: In terms of the club’s membership, 12 months ago the club had 95 registered members, 10 more than the year before. As of end November 2013, we sit at 106 and at this steady rate of growth, this time next year we could see a membership of 120.


·     Regarding our Venue (the Dojo) and our Training Schedule:


o   Issues with the North West Rail Link have stabilised and there is evidence of a lot of activity in the Showground already. Hopefully future works will not cause us too much grief. The benefits of a train station in the Showground in 6 years time are obvious.

o   Regarding our training sessions, 2013 saw our Wednesday MONS session being extended by 1/2 an hour, and the embedding into our training schedule of the “all-ages” 2 hour Saturday session. So together with our tenant clubs from Aikido and BJJ, the dojo is now used 26 hours per week. The benefit of the additional training has been evident in the strong performances of our athletes this year as is showcased later in this report. 


·         Member Services and Promotion:

o   We produced another fantastic Budokan DVD Montage this year for the Nationals which has been distributed to all the club’s athletes. If you didn’t get one, just ask us. A short sharp version of the Montage is also on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le_Hi8QGt4I. Thanks to Josh Katz for your efforts this year in putting these together.

o   Our website is still best in class and our thanks go to Melissa Rudgley and Guido Scholtz who continue to look after it and keep it current. Guido remains the sponsor of the site. If you don’t know what’s going on in the club, you’re just not looking.

o   Financially, we are healthy and have benefited this year with a number of successful initiatives and fundraising activities. We are grateful to everyone who has supported these activities from the Colman’s donation of a 10kg block of chocolate for a raffle to Karen’s coordination of the Bunnings BBQ, the clothing drives and of course our MONS and Junior competition. As recently as this week, Belinda McIndoe facilitated a $500 sponsorship from Bayer Australia Ltd. Thank you Belinda. These initiatives allow Budokan to fund athletes and coaches who represent NSW at the Nationals and Australia at international events, or to courses and camps, or as part of the NTID Squad. The value of this sponsorship has increased to about $10,000 this year. This provides tangible support to athletes who are prepared to make a significant commitment to their sport. I suspect that there is no other club in the country that supports its athletes and coaches to this extent.

o   In terms of Government, the relationship with our local NSW MP Dominic Perrottet is so strong that he has presented the club’s achievements to Parliament on 4 separate occasions since August last year. On the 22nd November I attended the Castle Hill Leadership Inaugural Dinner for a small group of selected Year 12 students. This was hosted by Dominic and attended by about 300 people including the Premier, numerous MPs, the Mayor, and many of the Hills Councilors and community business leaders. Budokan is certainly increasing its public profile.

o   In terms of awards, in addition to the Judo NSW awards nominations and wins acknowledged earlier, Naomi de Bruine was nominated by Judo NSW and was a finalist for the NSW Sports Federation Young Athlete of the Year award. We have also had numerous athletes nominated for local Council and NewsLocal awards.

o   Our aim for next year is to maintain the positive trend in improvement to our performances on the mat and also to pick up momentum on our off-the-mat activities. These include a new club merchandising range, corporate sponsorship and in being a model Judo club in the Judo NSW community to improve Judo’s performance across the State as a whole. We very much appreciate the efforts of Greg Tafft and our new club Committee in helping achieve this and to our great team of volunteers who have already stepped up at the last NSW competition.


Regarding our Athletes and Coaches:


·     Firstly, the National Talent Identification and Development (NTID) Program: Nathan Katz, Josh Katz, Cameron Leishman, Naomi de Bruine and Amber McIndoe are Budokan’s representatives on the NTID Squad. The squad comprises 20 athletes aged 16-19 years (plus 10 reserves) from all around Australia and provides enormous benefit via testing, local and international training camps and international competitions. Since the program started in 2007, it wasn’t until 2013 that Budokan had more than 2 athletes in the top 20 or 3 in the top 30. 2013 saw Budokan having 5 representatives in the squad - a milestone achievement. Highlights for these athletes included training, competition and international camps in the UK, Lithuania, Japan and Indonesia. With Kerrye as one of the NSW NTID co-ordinators, the club is both a huge supporter and beneficiary of this program. The club sponsors the training of all NTID Squad members at Budokan.


·           Our Coaching Team:  Assisting us during both Junior and Senior sessions is the ever-reliable Dale Keogh and we really appreciate all her support. We now also now have the benefit of Carlo Barbarulo who assists in the Junior and Senior sessions and Franz Tandean who supports the Junior session. Carlo also sponsored the food for the 2013 Club Awards Night held on 28th November via his business Pizza Alfresco and we are very grateful to him for this generosity. Our thanks to Andras Koltai and Dale who run the Wednesday session for our MONs group and who are assisted by Catherine Roach. The support of the following assistant coaches and coaching helpers is also greatly appreciated: Bryan Medbury, Guido Scholtz, Kate and Vanessa Hall, Naomi de Bruine, and Conor Edwards. Dieter Riechert from Vineyard Judo club also provides assistance to Junior sessions and this is acknowledged. We have developed a great culture in the club where many of our athletes attend classes for younger groups as well as to their competitions to support the coaches and mentor the younger athletes.

Competition Participation and Performance –International Representation:


Budokan’s 10 International Representatives and a summary of their achievements during 2013 follow:


·         Nathan Katz – selected to the Junior World Championships, Bronze Medal at the North-West England Championships, competed in the GB Senior European Cup, 9th Place in the Junior European Cup in Lithuania, Bronze Medal at Oceania, and just recently after a significant time off with injury and illness a Bronze medal at the Senior OJU World Cup in Samoa. 

·         Vanessa Hall - represented Australia at the Senior OJU World Cup in Samoa

·         Josh Katz - selected to the Junior World Championships, represented Australia at the Cadet World Championships, Bronze Medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, competed in the Junior European Cup in Lithuania, and 2 Gold Medals at Oceania backing up his 2 Gold medals in 2012

·         Naomi de Bruine - 7th Place at the Cadet World Championships, Silver Medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, selected to the Senior OJU World Cup in Samoa, Gold and Silver Medal at the Indonesian Open, Gold Medal at Oceania

·         Amber McIndoe - represented Australia at the Cadet World Championships, Bronze medal at the at the Indonesian Open, Gold Medal at Oceania

·         Cameron Leishman - Bronze Medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, and 2 Gold Medals at the Indonesian Open

·         The following athletes also represented Australia at Oceania  - Jakob Edwards  and also for the first time Conor Edwards, and Kyle McIndoe, who is currently overseas

·         Dale Keogh - Competed in Kata 2 Silvers at the Australian Masters Games and a Silver and Bronze at the OJU World Cup in Samoa


State Representatives to Nationals:  The following athletes were selected to the 2013 NSW State Team to the Nationals. In all, Budokan had 28 athletes compete in an unprecedented 42 divisions (7 more than in 2012) winning 23 medals, again the highest of any NSW club. These athletes won
10 x Gold, 3 x Silver, and 10 x Bronze medals with 7 athletes competing for Bronze This is the highest medal tally in Budokan’s history at the Nationals and the first time we have reached 10 Gold medals.


Budokan Athlete 

Junior Boys / Girls

Senior Boys / Girls

Cadet Men/ Women



Senior M/W


Maddison EDWARDS

















































Katelyn BOYD







Kendall LANE














Kiernan TAFFT







Xavier TAFFT










































Naomi de BRUINE



































Vanessa HALL







Nathan KATZ














Rachael DRAY

























MASTERS - Unplaced












Interesting Budokan Statistics for the 2013 Nationals

·         5 sets of siblings competed

·         5 athletes competed in 3 age categories (Naomi de Bruine, Amber McIndoe, Cameron Leishman, Josh Katz, and Kyle McIndoe

·         4 athletes competed in 2 age categories (Conor Edwards, Vanessa Hall, Nathan Katz, and Jakob Edwards

·         7 athletes competed in their first Australian Championships (Oliver Jennings, Finn Tafft, Rauiri Edwards, Bjorn Tandean, Rachael Dray, Logan O’Brien and in the Masters event David Willison

·         2 first time medalists at Nationals (Finn Tafft, Zach Colman).

·         2 athletes achieved their first medals in an age category having previously medaled in lower age categories (Vanessa Hall and Jakob Edwards)

·         6 first time Gold medalists at Nationals (Cameron Leishman, Maddison Edwards, Saskia Brothers, Zach Colman, Katelyn Boyd, Kiernan Tafft).

·         Nathan Katz has won his 4th Junior Men National medal and 2nd Gold as well as his second Senior Men’s medal. He has now won 7 National Gold medals and 13 medals in 10 Nationals.

·         Naomi de Bruine won her 5th National Gold medal, also being the only club member to medal in all 3 age categories this year taking her total National medal tally to 11.

·         Josh Katz won his first Gold medal in Junior Men taking his National Gold medal tally to 4 and his total National medal tally to 8.

·         Cameron Leishman can now finally add a Gold medal to his previous National medal tally of 8. We said last year that “Surely the elusive Gold is now imminent”, a prophecy finally realized in 2013.

·         Kyle McIndoe backed up his 2012 Gold medal in Senior Boys with a Gold medal in his first year in Cadets.

·         Commendation to David Willison who played in his first Nationals in the Masters Category just prior to his 49th Birthday.

·         At 12 National Championships in which Budokan has participated, 230 of our athletes competed in 300 divisions winning nearly 180 medals: 66 Gold, 39 Silver, and 73 Bronze


Regarding Budokan’s participation in other major competitions during 2013:

·         In 2013 for the first time the club participated in all 5 State Open events (ACT, Queensland, Southern Cross in Victoria, South Australia, and the Sydney International) plus the Nationals and also the Auckland Open

·         In these 7 events, we had nearly 120 athlete entries competing in nearly 190 divisions winning over 120 medals (50 Gold, 31 Silver, and 41 Bronze)

·         Budokan hosted its 12th MONS and Junior Boys and Girls competition for athletes turning 6 to 11 this year. It was an absolute success in every respect. Our athletes won
8 Gold, 15 Silver, and 3 Bronze medals with 8 special awards.

o    Best standing technique: Isabel Redoblado, Miguel Redoblado, Bernhard Tandean

o    Best ground technique: Jarrel Redoblado, Bethany Wade

o    Best Spirit: Samir Ashton, Isabel Redoblado

o    Player of the Day: Finn Tafft

Finally and very importantly, our Volunteers.  We could not do what we do here without the strong and committed volunteer support from the club. Our assistant coaches and coaching helpers have been mentioned. Our volunteer base is also enormous, from our Committee to those who support club activities and State competitions. We have already mentioned some of these people as well. Others include Sue Leishman and Belinda McIndoe organising interstate accommodation, Julianne and Andrew Edwards on fees and membership, Marcel de Bruine, Sean Brothers, Mark Stewart, Richard Lane and others on video camera at competitions, Josh Katz with the club’s DVD production, Belinda McIndoe and Tracey Grimes as competition volunteers, Kate Hall compiling photo CDs, Leon McIndoe our representative on Judo NSW’s Board of Management, Dale Keogh as a BBR Kata instructor and Franz Tandean as a NSW State referee - the list is really significant and we acknowledge that the club could not achieve what it has without the wonderful support provided. Congratulations to our Committee and to all of you who have supported our activities this year. We are all here for our athletes; if we look after them, the sport will take care of itself.

2013 has set new benchmarks for the club’s achievements – we have had unsurpassed participation and performance levels, enormous strength of character within the club’s athletes, coaches, and committee and we continue to showcase the fabulous and unique family support and spirit wherever the Budokan “travelling circus” goes. Our membership growth is at an all time high. Our strategy to build a safe yet challenging transition for our MONS to Junior and Senior Boys and Girls through Cadets and Junior and Senior Men and Women seems to be working. Results in the Senior age categories are now making a real impression in NSW and nationally with a number of our athletes ranking highly on the National Points Tables for international selection and a number of matches being won at high level international competitions. With the strong feeder base sitting behind these athletes and the developmental work being done across all ages, we believe that the club can only continue to progress and improve. 2014 will see a continuation of this focus on the mat and also some effective strategic planning for our “off the mat” activities that will assist the club running efficiently and that will allow us to be a good Judo club “citizen” in the NSW Judo community. Budokan is a strong and united community built on conviction.

We are proud of the club and its achievements and it gives us great pleasure to see our athletes grow and mature as they take on new challenges which feed into their daily lives - this is ultimately the aim of Judo.

At the Budokan Annual Awards Night on 28th November, the annual awards were presented by the club’s Committee members, sponsors and special guests:
Committee: Kerrye - Progressive Fitness is a sponsor; Guido - Trend Marking is a sponsor, Greg Tafft, Sean Brothers, Karen Leake, Melissa Rudgley, David Colman, newly appointed committee member Peter Jennings, outgoing committee member Donna Young who we thank for her many years of service, Club Life Member and sponsor Dale Keogh; and special guest Lynne Sandri, Wednesday Coaches Andras Koltai and Cathy Roach. Also Bryan Medbury, Franz Tandean and Carlo Barbarulo.

A message to the club’s athletes from the coaches at the 2013 Awards Night:

Our aim is to provide you with the most challenging and effective training environment that we can. By doing that we hope that you can achieve whatever goals you set yourself so that you become more focused in your daily lives. Before 2014 comes upon us you need to re-evaluate your goals and develop and implement a plan to get there – we can help you with this, but ultimately only one person can do the work on the mat to give you the best chance to reach that goal, and that is you. The club Awards Night celebrates all of your achievements regardless of whether you win an award or not. This is a very high-achieving club with 10 international representatives, 10 National Champions and 23 National medalists. If you aren’t one of them, they will help us to help you get on and stay on the road to get there – if that’s what you want. That’s what makes this club so special. We congratulate you for being part of the challenge and for making this club so great.


Rob and Kerrye Katz

Budokan Judo Club Coaching Coordinators






Criteria for selection of recipients for annual awards:

For all awards, Judoka must have been a member of the club for a minimum period of four months and with the exception of the Beginner Awards, have competed in tournaments


1.   Awards for Improvement
Improvement Awards are selected on the basis of: consistent attendance, attitude to training, and showing noticeable improvement both at training & competition. In 2008, we separated the Junior Improvement Award into two new separate U/13s and U/16s Junior Improvement Awards. In 2010 these were renamed U/14s and Cadets (U/17s) to align with the new age Categories.  In 2011 the 14s category was again split to separate the new Junior (U/12s) Boys and Girls and Senior (U/15s) Boys and Girls. The MONS award age group also changed in 2011 to U/9s.


       Senior Winner 2013:             THOMAS COCKS


            Cadet Winner 2013:              KYLE McINDOE


       Senior Boy/Girl Winner 2013: LIAM STEWART


       Junior Boy/Girl Winner 2013: OLIVER JENNINGS


              MONS Winner 2013:            FRANCIS PARK




2.     Awards for Encouragement


Encouragement Awards are selected on the basis of: consistent attendance, attitude to training, performance in competition, and potential for future success in higher level competition. In 2008, as for the Junior Improvement Award, we separated the Junior Encouragement Award into two new separate U/13s and U/16s Junior Encouragement Awards. In 2010 these were renamed U/14s and Cadets (U/17s) to align with the new age Categories.  In 2011 the 14s category was again split to separate the new Junior (U/12s) Boys and Girls and Senior (U/15s) Boys and Girls. The MONS award age group also changed in 2011 to U/9s.


     Senior Winner 2013:             JAKOB EDWARDS


       Cadet Winner 2013:              CONOR EDWARDS & LOGAN O’BRIEN


Senior Boy/Girl Winner 2013: SAM BEEDHAM



       MONS Winner 2013:            MIGUEL REDOBLADO



3.     Beginner's Award
Beginners Awards are selected on the basis of: consistent attendance, attitude to training and learning, and putting in a strong effort in all club activities.

In the past, the Award could go to a Junior or a Senior, male or female. In 2004, we introduced a Senior, Junior and MONS Beginner Award:


            Senior Winner 2013:             SIMON WONG


Junior Winner 2013:             DENIEL HAVENGA & BETHANY WADE


            MONS Winner 2013:            LION PARK


4.    Outstanding Performance at a Grading

    Another special award, which was introduced in 2005, and awarding it depends on the standard of grading performed each year. It will only be awarded where it is really deserved. We have decided to award this year’s trophy in recognition of the performance at their grading to:


Winner 2013:                         BAXTER SCHOLTZ



5. Awards for Best Attendance
Attendance Awards are selected purely on the basis of attendance as recorded on the Training Session Attendance Sheets. Award for attendance at the Wednesday night MONS session is being introduced this year.


Senior Session:                                                                                     

Winner 2013: KYLE McINDOE

Junior Session:

Winner 2013:                         ZACH COLMAN & LIAM STEWART


MONS Session:                                                                                    

Winner 2013:                    EDAN KOLTAI & ETHAN EHAMPARAM


6.     The John Sandri Judo Spirit Award

An award introduced in 2004, the Judo Spirit Award is selected on the basis of: spirit of participation in all activities and in particular the spirit and heart shown during competition. The Award could go to a Junior or a Senior, male or female. In 2010, to commemorate the sad passing of one of our club family members, John Sandri, we renamed this Award, the “John Sandri Spirit Award”


       Winner 2013:                         NAOMI de BRUINE


7.     MONS (U/9s) Award        
Under 9 years ("Mons") Awards (changed from U/10 in 2011) are selected on the same basis of the Beginners Award criteria plus participation, results, and spirit in competition.


Boys’ Runner Up 2013:        ETHAN EHAMPARAM


Boys’ Winner 2013:             OSCAR WOODWARD          


       Girls’ Runner Up 2013:       BIANCA TANDEAN


       Girls’ Winner 2013:              ISABEL REDOBLADO         


      Recipients of the following awards are selected purely against a pre-set points criteria, whereby points are allocated for 1st to 3rd placings in most competitions, and for lesser rankings in higher level competitions: Best Senior Man, Senior Woman, Junior (or Young) Man and Junior (or Young) Woman, Junior Shonen (U/16) which changed in 2010 to Cadets or U/17 Boys and Girls; and Yonen (U/13) which changed in 2010 to U/14s, and in 2011 to Junior U/12 & Senior U/15 Boys and Girls. Points allocated vary according to the level of competition ranging in increasing importance from PCYC, to State, to National, to International events.



8.     Awards for Best Junior Boys and Girls


       Junior Girls’ Runner Up 2013:      MADDISON EDWARDS     


     Junior Girls’ Winner 2013:              SASKIA BROTHERS


            Junior Boys’ Runner Up 2013:        FINN TAFFT


       Junior Boys’ Winner 2013:              ZACH COLMAN



9.      Awards for Best Senior Boys and Girls


       Senior Girls’ Runner Up 2013:        AMBER RUDGLEY


       Senior Girls’ Winner 2013:              KENDALL LANE & KATELYN BOYD


       Senior Boys’ Runner Up 2013:        LIAM STEWART


       Senior Boys’ Winner 2013:              KIERNAN TAFFT



10.              Awards for Best Cadet
      Cadet Girls’ Runner Up 2013:        AMBER McINDOE


       Cadet Girls’ Winner 2013:               NAOMI de BRUINE



Cadet Boys’ Runner Up 2013:         CAMERON LEISHMAN      


Cadet Boys’ Winner 2013:               JOSH KATZ         


11.              Awards for Best Junior Woman and Junior Man  


       Junior Man Runner Up 2013:         NATHAN KATZ


       Junior Man Winner 2013:                JOSH KATZ


       Junior Woman Runner Up 2013:    AMBER McINDOE


          Junior Woman Winner 2013:          NAOMI de BRUINE



12.              Awards for Best Senior       


       Senior Woman Runner Up 2013:    VANESSA HALL


       Senior Woman Winner 2013:           KILIANE BEUNARD


Senior Man Runner Up 2013:          JOSH KATZ


Senior Man Winner 2013:                NATHAN KATZ



13.              Coaches Awards for Junior or Senior Judoka

The Coaches' Award is selected for overall spirit in all aspects of Judo.  The Award could go to a Junior or a Senior:   


This athlete won a Bronze medal at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival this year. Falling ill with a stomach virus the night before the all-important ACT Open this athlete was determined to make the Oceania Team in which a Bronze medal was earned in 2012. Immense grit was demonstrated by competing in all 3 age categories and for the first time in a new higher weight division. This was the first time that we can recall that this athlete came away unplaced in all 3 categories at the ACT Open. An absolutely blitzing Gold medal performance at the second OJU selection event the Queensland Open resulted in this athlete missing OJU selection by only the narrowest of margins. A Reserve slot at OJU also meant that the Cadet Worlds dream would have to be put on the backburner. Determined to prove that the Queensland win was no fluke, at the 2013 Nationals, this athlete won his 9th medal at an Australian Championships but for the first time a Gold medal as well as taking a Bronze in Juniors. He went on to win Auckland, SAIO, Indonesian Open and the November Challenge with 11 medals overall at these events.

He is one of the hardest trainers in the club, is one of Budokan’s members on the NTID Squad, is immensely fit and strong and helps us at all the club’s events. A pleasure to coach and with a great future to look forward to, this year’s Coaches’ Award goes to:


Winner 2013:                               CAMERON LEISHMAN



Pat & Ian Daniels Award for the Budokan Volunteer of the Year

This award was introduced in 2008 to acknowledge the value and the benefit to Judo of

Volunteering duties, whether at club, State or National level. Budokan’s Volunteer of the Year

Award is dedicated to the memory of Kerrye’s parents, Pat & Ian Daniels, and the selection of the recipient is based primarily on club-level volunteering in all areas.

The recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award are not on the club committee, but they contribute to all of the club’s activities from fundraising to club clean-ups. They attend most of the sessions with children participating on all 5 days of the club’s schedule and manage the memberships and fees for the Wednesday session. They support State competitions and in their spare time bringing up 5 children, have investigated packages which will help the club to manage club membership and training fees. When this system is in place, it will be the first time that Budokan will have in place a computer system that can identify fees paid and due and take accounts at the club with or without cash being used. Their family had 4 children in the NSW Team to the Nationals so they had to get their kids to 2 Squad sessions each 3 days per week. They are all registered with the JFA and so account for nearly 7% of the club’s membership. Despite illness and dealing with a family of 7, like Eveready batteries these people just keep on supporting the club and are very much appreciated. The volunteers of the year this year go to:


Winner 2013:                               JULIANNE AND ANDREW EDWARDS



Other presentations:


1 . Coaching. Presentations to our Coaches, Assistant Coaches and other club support athletes: Dale Keogh, Andras Koltai, Carlo Barbarulo, Franz Tandean, Catherine Roach, Bryan Medbury, Guido Scholtz, Kate and Vanessa Hall, Naomi de Bruine, Conor Edwards, and Dieter Riechert from Vineyard Judo Club.

2. Volunteers/Committee. Presentation to club volunteers for their contribution throughout 2013: Our Committee: Karen Leake, Greg Tafft, Sean Brothers, Melissa Rudgley, David Colman, and Peter Jennings, our newest Committee member, Donna Young, our outgoing committee member, our Volunteer Award winners Julianne and Andrew Edwards, and our other volunteers Leon McIndoe, Belinda McIndoe, Tracey Grimes, Sue Leishman, Marcel de Bruine, Jakob Edwards, Josh Katz


3. Presentation by Greg Tafft.  To Kerrye and Rob Katz