Budokan held its 25th Junior NSW competition for Mons and Junior Boys and Girls age categories on Sunday 6th  August, the first we’ve been able to run in over 2 years.51 Mons and Junior athletes from 3 clubs (Budokan, OKO and UTS) participated in 18 divisions with 96 matches contested plus a Mons teams event. Given this was the first Mons/Junior competition hosted by the club in 2 years, the participation from other NSW clubs was quite disappointing and also puzzling. All club coaches indicate a desire for more of this style of competition (i.e. with an educational element included for novice and graded Mons and Juniors) but then don't seem to encourage participation. Despite this, we will push harder for the next event and hopefully more kids can enjoy the positive atmosphere experienced by all the athletes and parents at the club event. Thanks to OKO and UTS Judo clubs for your support, to the NSW referees who attended and who coached our young referees, and to Martial Arts Tatami Mats / Rusty Sports, for donating the Judogis for Player of the Day awards and the raffle. Thanks to all the fantastic Budokan parents and members who made running the event so easy, and to all the young Judoka who participated - great effort. Results follow:

  1. Mons

Boys Novice U21kg

  • 1st Guy Steen (U
  • TS), 2nd Nathan Zhang (Budokan), 3rd Luca Nugroho (UTS)

Boys Novice Novice U24kg

  • 1st Max Carey (UTS), 2nd Eli Situ (UTS), 3rd Pierson Fedrigo (UTS), 4th Maximillian Xia (OKO), 5th Jagger Chen (Budokan)

Girls Novice/Graded U24kg (First round - 1 win each equal points)

  • 1st Gretchen Dong (Budokan), 2nd Sammi Chang (OKO), 3rd Victoria Grech (Budokan)

Boys Novice U27kg

  • 1st Brendon Jones (Budokan), 2nd Luke Park (Budokan), 3rd Ryan Zhao (OKO), 4th Hayden Bielby (Budokan), 5th Max Pyae (Budokan)

Boys Novice U30kg

  • 1st Eric G (OKO), 2nd Oliver Chen (OKO), 3rd Samson Chan (OKO), 4th Timothy Campbell (Budokan)

Boys Novice/Graded U34kg

  • 1st Anthony He (Budokan), 2nd Eric W (OKO)

Boys/Girls Novice/Graded Open

  • 1st Isabelle Tan (Budokan), 2nd Anthony He (Budokan), 3rd Eric W (OKO)

Special Awards:

  • Best Tachi-Waza – Ryan Zhao (OKO), Eric G (OKO),
  • Best Ne-Waza – Hayden Bielby (Budokan), Gretchen Dong (Budokan),
  • Best Spirit – Jagger Chen (Budokan), Luca Nugroho (UTS), Timothy Campbell (Budokan)
  • Player of the Day – Max Carey (UTS), Brendan Jones (Budokan)
  1. Junior

Boys/Girls Novice/Graded U26kg

  • Equal 1st (4 matches each) – Zachary Zhang (OKO), Taydon Zhang (Budokan), Nadia Nugroho (UTS),
  • 4th Jacob Jin (OKO), 5th Freya Fedrigo (UTS)

Boys/Girls Novice U26kg

  • 1st Taydon Zhang (Budokan, 2nd Jacob Jin (OKO), 3rd Freya Fedrigo (UTS)

Boys Novice U42kg

  • 1st Jadon Yu (OKO), 2nd Leonardo Abu-Maroun (Budokan)

Boys Novice U34kg

  • 1st Lucas Conti (Budokan), 2nd William Elliot (Budokan)

Boys Novice U50kg

  • 1st Henry Chen (Budokan), 2nd Jadon Yu (OKO), 3rd Leonardo Abu-Maroun (Budokan), 4th Charles Elliot (Budokan)

Girls Graded 36kg

  • 1st Junning Mak (Budokan), 2nd Joy Ma (Budokan)

Boys/Girls Graded U24kg

  • 1st Nadia Nugroho (UTS), 2nd Zachary Zhang (OKO)

Boys Graded U35kg

  • 1st Daniel Lin (OKO), 2nd Levi Murkins (Budokan), 3rd Leon Zhang (OKO), 4th Jason He (OKO), 5thAuroral Sun (OKO)

Boys Graded U40kg

  • 1st Lucas Gao (OKO), 2nd Isaac Murkins (Budokan), 3rd Daniel He (Budokan), 4th Donny Zhang (Budokan), 5th Lachlan Wang (Budokan)

Boys Graded U50kg

  • 1st Leon Park (Budokan), 2nd William Dong (Budokan), 3rd Isaac Choy (Budokan)

Boys Graded Open

  • 1st Leon Park (Budokan), 2nd Jeremy Tan (Budokan), 3rd William Dong (Budokan), 4th Isaac Choi (Budokan)

Special Awards:

  • Best Tachi-Waza – Lucas Gao (OKO), Best Ne-Waza – Levi Murkins (Budokan)
  • Player of the Day – Tayden Zhang (Budokan)