Reminder to parents of the club’s MONS and Junior Boys and Girls - Please reserve Sunday 11th August to allow your children to compete in the club’s main competition of the year. 

  • This is a great opportunity for MONS and Juniors of every level. We have novice and graded divisions to enable divisions with similar skill levels. Weight divisions will be created on the day to provide the optimal number of matches. Whether your child competed at the Nationals or has never competed before, please support this event and get a great experience.


  • To enter, please log in and register on-line via the Judo NSW website before midnight Thursday 8th August 2019 or use the following link:


  • To parents of children not eligible to compete in this event and to all club Senior Boys and Girls, Cadets, Junior Men and Women and Seniors, please reserve this day to provide support and help us run the event.


  • An information flyer is attached as is a copy of the sheet available at the club against which you can note your name and which job you would like to do.  We will be setting up during and after Saturday Club training on the 10th August.