2019 Asian Oceania Cadets & Junior Judo Championships (Taipei) 26-30 July (Saskia Brothers):Well done to Saskia Brothers who represented Australia in both the Cadet and Junior Women divisions at the 2019 Asian Oceania Cadets & Junior Judo Championships in Taipei 26-30 July. In her first match in Cadets she lost to the eventual Gold medalist from Korea and in repechage against India, Saskia made some good Uchi-Mata and Ne-Waza attacks but was caught 40 seconds into Golden Score for Waza-Ari with Ogoshi. In Junior Women against Mongolia, Saskia came back well in Golden Score being 2 Shidos down and transitioned well into a hold down off Mongolia's drop attack. The semi-final against the eventual Gold medalist from Japan was a very good fight but Saskia was eventually caught with Uchi-Mata half way through the match. The Kazakh athlete in the Bronze match was very aggressive and Saskia came close on 2 occasions with strangle attempts. Half way in the match the Kazakh attacked with drop Seoi-Nage and followed up quickly for the strangle. Saskia will be disappointed with this but there were some great lessons learned over 5 matches and a 5th place result in Juniors. Congratulations Saskia.