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We are delighted to announce our success in applying for a $1,200 grant from Telstra. Telstra Kids helps kids thrive in their connected world. Our Telstra Kids grant will be used to purchase a crash mat, 15cm thick, 2m x 4m to support our goal of Judo education for our junior members. This crash-mat is versatile and will bend if you throw it over a cylinder or other objects, so a very useful training aid. Huge thanks to Wesley Woo from Telstra, who was the referrer, for applying for the funding for us and to Helen Vorillas for spotting the opportunity at her work. We are very excited to share in the million dollars the Telstra Foundation provides each year to help kids connect to a digital future.


  • Parking. PLEASE observe the “no parking” and “no standing” signs which have been placed by Council around the club dojo. This is for the safety of all club members.

Please do not park in front of the driveway which is signed “Coach Parking”. Coaches often have to carry equipment or merchandise (e.g. judogis, trophies etc) to the dojo and require nearby access. 

  • Equipment. The Judo club has a lot of equipment that cannot be locked away. If your child uses any of this equipment, please understand that you take responsibility for their safety whilst they use it whether you supervise them or not. Please also ensure that any equipment used is neatly packed away. Any equipment (e.g balls, rollers) that go onto the mat whilst a Judo class is in progress represents a significant risk to athletes who are training and is not acceptable. The club is not a playground for siblings or children of athletes training on the mat.


Judo will become the newest sport to join the “Sporting Schools Program”! The Sporting Schools Judo program will commence from Term 1, 2020. The Government initiative is designed to help schools to increase children's participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities. This is an exciting step for the growth and development of Judo in Australia and will provide an opportunity for our club and coaches to derive additional income and also attract new members to the sport and to the club.

  • So what information does your child’s school need?

Schools obtain funding through the program to support these courses and they must use this funding to run a Sporting Schools Program. They must deliver a Sport package with a minimum 10 participants for four 45-60 minute sessions. Each session must have the same participants taking part in the nominated Sport package (I.e Judo). Any funding left over (residual funds) after a school has booked their sport package/s with Judo Australia may be used within the approved funding period (school term) to assist the school with covering the costs of delivering sport-based activities. This may include equipment, supervision, transport and facility hire. Schools are required to use the booking system and Judo Australia endorsed coaches, as per the Sporting Schools program conditions. The following link will assist schools to book a Judo Sports Package:  Judo Australia will link the requesting school with a local Judo club i.e. Budokan, and we will provide a coach to run their program.  If you have any questions about Sporting Schools, please email: or phone 1300 785 707


An agenda item for the Hills Shire Council Meeting held on Monday 10th December indicates that Council proposes to exhibit the “Draft Masterplan for the Castle Hill Showground” for 42 days and invite submissions. The draft masterplan was not attached to the Agenda nor was the timing for the exhibit or for submissions.  We intend to make further submissions on behalf of the club when they are called; however, it would also be useful for as many club members as possible to make a brief submission to Council when called for, stating that in the redeveloped Showground, Budokan Judo Club needs:

  • a dedicated “Combat Centre” Hall with the 3 current Horticulture Pavilion tenant clubs as sole users with a permanent sprung floor 270sqm mat area to accommodate the club’s growth
  • a building per our concept drawing (already provided to Mayor Byrne late 2018 and also to Showground Committee) + adequate close parking;
  • scheduling of building construction which would provide a seamless transition venue-to-venue, so that continuity of training services are not impacted
  • control of venue usage given that all the equipment in the venue, including the expensive mats and the ancillary training equipment, are owned by the Judo Club.

These requirements are based on our dedicated service to the Judo and local communities, occupancy as an ideal tenant within the Showground as a community-based club for over 20 years with a high utilisation of the venue, and our diverse and growing membership covering pre-school toddlers, parents of juniors, athletes with special needs, right through to National Team and Olympic athletes. We have sighted and discussed a version of the draft Masterplan with Council and its consultants at a workshop attended on 29th October; however, there may be some variations in the Masterplan to be exhibited so please keep an eye out for notifications on Council’s website and in Hills Shire newspapers.


Wishing a fantastic experience and a safe trip to our 9 Budokan Junior athletes and to Kerrye who will lead them on their epic journey to Osaka leaving on Christmas night and returning 3 weeks later. Well done to these guys and their families who took on a bunch of fundraising activities. I know that these guys also appreciate the support of all Budokan members who attended and assisted with their fundraising events.