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The following is the post I made on facebook after Nathan fought in Tokyo. 

  • “So there it is....with a ridiculously short timeframe within which to prepare, and a bit of a slow start in his first match against the higher ranked Peruvian who beat him 3 years ago, Nathan Katz demonstrated what it is to fight with a full heart and leave nothing on the mat. A great ippon-scoring throw to win his first match getting him into the round of 16 and then a solid match against the very physical World #8 Israeli to go the distance giving his all to full time and losing only by Wazari. Unfortunately this put Nathan out of the competition but he can and will hold his head high. As is the case for all of #teamkatz , Budokan Judo Club, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia / Budokan Judo, and all our Judo friends, friends and family, he should also be very, very proud. Massive thanks to National Coach Daniel Kelly (honorary TeamKatz member) for a huge effort in helping to bring out the best Judo in Nathan, to Josh Katz for being an amazing son, brother and training partner, and to all those who have supported Team Katz - Rio Olympians throughout the whole journey. We are grateful.

But the journey is far from over. Lessons have been learned and there is much to do, after a good, solid well-deserved rest. Meanwhile onwards and upwards for Judo Australia Olympic team-mates Katharina Hä (Haecker) and Aoife Coughlan fighting on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. What a team - whatever it takes”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Katharina and Aoife also fought their hearts out both winning their first matches making the Round of 16. AMAZING COMMITMENT…AMAZING EFFORT…AMAZING PERFORMANCE


The link for every Monday’s Senior Beginner/Kyu session from now on will be always the same, the link for Tuesday Juniors from now on will always be the same, and so on for the Seniors Tuesday, MONS Wednesday, Juniors Thursday and Seniors Thursday.                                                                     *****Therefore it will not be necessary to repeat the links each week.  Just make sure you select the correct link for the session in which you are participating.*****

  • Tomorrow’s zoom sessions (Tuesday 10th August) for both Junior and Senior sessions will include a Q & A opportunity with 2021 Tokyo Olympian Nathan Katz, so please be there and please prepare some questions that you want him to answer.  Nathan has had 11 days in hotel quarantine after returning from Tokyo where he achieved a Top 16 result. This is his 4th 2 week hotel quarantine this year and is looking forward to seeing everyone. Links for all Zoom classes have been emailed to all members with the August Newsletter and are also available on the Budokan Zoomers Messenger group.

Any updates on what to bring to these sessions or any changes in schedule will be posted on the Budokan Zoomers facebook messenger group. If you want to be added to this group, please send Rob your facebook (not email) URL address e.g If you don’t have a fb account and want to be informed of changes to Zoom sessions advise me and I will add you to an email list created for this purpose. 


Hi Budokanis,We hope that you are all still keeping safe and well and coping with the lockdown. We hope also that you enjoyed all the amazing sport of the Olympic Games.  It was sooo good and the coverage was fantastic. A couple of weeks to wait for the Paralympics which is also very exciting.  It’s absolutely crazy that we have already been off the mat for 6 weeks and that the club has run 10 zoom sessions so far after 3 weeks off the mat.

  • Please don’t forget that the club training fees are on hold for the full duration of the club’s closure so anniversary dates for your renewal of club training fees will be extended. Note also that Judo NSW is also extending renewal dates for annual Judo NSW membership so if your registration falls due during the lockdown, please renew it – you will not lose anything and at the same time, you will be ready (with your financial currency) once the club reopens.
  • I have received special Budokan medallions which the club traditionally sources each year from the Perth Mint for presentation after the Nationals. Presentation of these medallions to our 2021 National Champions and also special medallions for our 2021 Olympian and Olympic Referee can be planned only after we return to the club. Our second MONS and Junior Boys and Girls competition is due to be held in less than 3 weeks time and of course will now need to be cancelled.
  • So we have to make the necessary adjustments, and do what we can to keep our club members engaged and of course plan for our return to the club which we are really looking forward to. An important part of this engagement is our Zoom sessions. Whilst learning and practicing Judo via Zoom is far from ideal, it keeps the brain juices flowing in a sport-related way, it keeps some structure to the weekly routine, it keeps our athletes and parents in touch with Judo, with us as their coaches and with each other, and these things are very important.

The links for Budokan Zoom training from now on will be different from past weeks in that we’ve now set up recurring sessions. 


We held off making a decision regarding Zoom classes until the duration of the restrictions was better defined. As we are likely to be off the mat for a little while longer, Zoom classes will commence with the Mons group tomorrow (Wednesday night 21st July) followed by Juniors and Seniors on Thursday and the Senior Beginner/Kyu class next Monday. Details and links have been provided to club members via email.  We will update the schedule week by week via the “Budokan Zoomers” Facebook messenger system which I used 12 months ago. There are 50 Budokanis in the messenger group from last year. Please message or text me if you want to be added to this group. It will be much easier to provide updates on the Zoom sessions using this facility as opposed to emails. If you’re not on Facebook, and want updates, let me know and we’ll communicate another way.


In the last Newsletter, I advised that although Nathan and Josh “fought for a medal in the Asia-Oceania Continental Championships and also fought at probably their highest level at the Senior World Championships winning one match each and having very close matches with much higher ranked opponents in their next round, their Olympic Qualification points were just below what was required to make the cut-off for their respective divisions.”  

  • They spent their third two-week quarantine period this year contemplating their future starting with a well-earned rest and rehabilitation of various body parts which had been band-aided through their training and competition cycles. With significant improvements in their competition performance through this Olympic cycle, planning for 2022 Commonwealth Games and 2024 Olympic Games preparations was also discussed. 


  • A series of unusual events then resulted in the Australian Olympic Quota position for the Judo team being vacated and the IJF subsequently reallocating it to the male with the next highest qualification points which was Nathan. This was completely unexpected and Nathan commenced a serious and rapid ramp up to training at competition tempo over a short period before departing for Tokyo on Sunday night 18th July.  Notably, Josh is only 3 points behind him on qualification points in over 1500 points so you can see how close the positions are. Both were deserving of a guernsey but it was a real bonus for Nathan to receive the invitation.


  • Many of you have already reached out to Nathan (and also Josh) and I know that they (and Kerrye and I) have appreciated this greatly. I am sure that together with our family you all wish that Nathan and the other 2 Australian Judokas Aoife Coughlan and Katharina Haecker are able to muster their best efforts and deliver great performances on the largest world sporting stage in 5 years, and of course we also wish them and National Coach Daniel Kelly a safe and happy Olympic experience. 

 Nathan competes this Sunday 25th July at 1100 local (Japan) time (1200 Australian time).Athletes in Nathan’s division can be found at 

  • Judo Australia has released some messages including this one:

 “Rio Olympians Katharina Haecker - Judo Athlete and Nathan Katz will make their second Olympic appearances, while Aoife Coughlan will make her Olympic debut.

  • How to watch ?!

- Nathan (-66kg) competition starts 11am (local time) Sunday 25 July - Nippon Budokan Mat 1- Katharina (-63kg) competition starts 11am (local time) Tuesday 27 July - Nippon Budokan Mat 2- Aoife (-70kg) competition starts 11am (local time) Wednesday 28 July - Nippon Budokan Mat 2

  • Official draw will be 2pm local time - Thursday 22nd July

Channel 7 is the official Olympic broadcaster and you can watch live on 7plus, or you can watch at live sites around the country (check for COVID-19 restrictions).

  • Further details on our website 


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