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  1. TBA                             Next Committee meeting
  2. 2 - 3 Mar 24                 2024 Sydney International Open - Liverpool
  3. 9 Mar 24                      Saturday State Squad
  4. 17 Mar 24                     Budokan Mons Competition
  5. 24 Mar 24                     NSW State Titles
  6. 6 Apr 24                       Saturday State Squad
  7. 13 – 14 Apr 24             2024 Melbourne International Open – Broadmeadows VIC
  8. 22-24 Apr 24                Pan-American Oceania Championships Cadets/Juniors, Rio Brazil
  9. 27-28 Apr 24                NSW State Team Camp
  10. 26-28 Apr24                 Pan-American/Oceania Senior Championships Individuals
  11. 4-5 May 24                  Perth Oceania Cadets/Junior Cup
  12. 5 May 24                     Central Coast Open
  13. 7 - 9 Jun 24                 2024 Nationals, Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre, Carrara
  14. 14 Jul 24                     NSW Community Series 1
  15. 25 Aug 24                    NSW Community Series 2
  16. 30Jun24 or 1Sep24    TBC or alternative - Budokan Mons and Juniors
  17. 8 Sep 24                     NSW Community Series 3
  18. 20 – 21 Sep 24           Open Schools Ch/Ship and Brisbane International – Nathan, Brisbane
  19. 18 Oct 24                    Open Club Team Ch/Ship – Broadmeadows VIC
  20. 10 Nov 24                    NSW Community Series 4



There were over 30 perpetual trophies awarded late last year at our Annual Awards Night. If you won one of these awards and shared it with another club member, please return it to the club so that the other recipient can also hold it for a while. If you want to return your perpetual award to the club, we can show them off in the trophy cabinet at the club. With the introduction of U/11, U/13 and U15yo Junior age categories this year to replace the two Junior categories, we will use the existing Junior Boys and Girls award for the U/11 and U/13 age categories and the Senior Boys and Girls awards for the new U/15 age category.

WHAT DOES THE ARRIVAL OF 2024 MEAN TO YOU? is a link to a compilation of reflections by some of the IJF’s World Tour athletes:“For some, the arrival of a new year signals a moment to take a deep breath and re-ignite one’s resolve, ready to charge into work and achievement refreshed. For others, it means nothing, no change, just another day to continue and cement good habits and consistency. There is no right or wrong answer but it is Olympic year and we cannot escape that. What do the World Judo Tour athletes think about their first steps into 2024?” ….. Josh is in good company in this article:


At Budokan, we are always looking at ways to improve the effective delivery of Judo skills and experiences to our club’s athletes.  Initiatives such as the:

  • introduction of the Monday Senior Beginner and Kyu grade class,
  • creation of the pre-school pre-Judo “Dinos” class,
  • splitting  of the Senior and Junior competition-level technique sessions on Saturday, and
  • Seniors participating in the last 30 minutes of randori for the Tuesday/Thursday Junior classes,

are just some examples of this.

  • Participation during our Tuesday and Thursday Junior classes comprising U/11, U/13 and U/15 athletes from beginner level to National Champion, have been substantial, sometimes with over 50 children. This is a “great problem” for us to have to address, but it does pose issues for us. Despite the large number of supporting coaches, it is clear that we can deliver a better service by splitting the group into 2 classes, based on experience levels.
  • One class would be for higher skilled competition-level judoka, the “Competitive-Level Junior” class, and the other class will be for less experienced, less skilled Judoka including all beginners, the “Fundamental-Level Junior” class.  
  • A limiting factor in taking this initiative is to find appropriately skilled coaches who also have the time and desire to take on a new responsibility. All going well, hopefully at the beginning of Term 3 (22nd July), we will be able to introduce a “Fundamental Junior Class” from 5.00-6.00pm on Thursdays, which over time will ideally expand to Tuesdays.

From that time, the 6.00-7.30pm classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays will only be for “Competitive-Level Juniors”. This may be an inconvenience for some parents whose children currently participate in the 6.00-7.30pm Junior class but is unavoidable. Kerrye and Rob will be responsible for determining the athletes who will move across from the 6.00-7.30pm class to the 5.00-6.00pm class and also when they will move back to the “Competitive Junior” classes. All beginners will only participate in the new “Fundamental Junior Class”.


The Combat Institute of Australia (CombatAUS) is a purely High-Performance focussed organisation, aiming to deliver sustained international success for our Cadet and older National Team athletes. You can read more about CombatAUS at:

  • Nathan and Josh spent 16 months at the Melbourne-based CombatAUS High Performance Centre until mid-2023 when they moved back home. They are the only NSW-based male athletes (until Nathan’s retirement from competition) to be categorised under the CombatAUS/AIS athlete categorisation program and Josh is currently the highest ranked male Judo athlete and on track for qualification to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Members of the Athlete Advisory Committee for CombatAUS were appointed for 2024. The Committee comprises athletes from Judo, Boxing, Taekwondo and Wrestling. Nathan was re-appointed Chairperson of the Committee and Josh was appointed to the Committee for the first time. Congratulations boys – great leadership initiative.