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For the first time since commencing the Monday Senior Beginners/Kyu Grades class, all athletes completing a grading from White Belt passed their grading well enough to go to Orange Belt. This is a great achievement and congratulations go to all these athletes in their first step up the belt ladder:

  • White to Orange Belt: Helen Wan, Aditi Kelvekar, Simone Lai, Chris Park, Aaron Jones, Victor Wu, Jackson Crowley, Alexi Bilenko, Glen Crichton, Reuben Hansen
  • Yellow to Orange Belt: Kurt Colpan

 Please note that any prospective new Senior Beginner (turning 15 years old in 2021) may start the Monday class on 3rd May or 10th May or 17th May after which new starters will have to wait until the start of the next school term.


The second State international Open competition for the year saw a very experienced group of Budokan Juniors and a very young contingent in the Senior divisions. The 11 Junior and Senior Boys and Girls all medalled which was very impressive: 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. The Seniors all dug deep and got the benefit of significant mat time. 4 of our Cadets competed in 3 age categories with one athlete having 8 matches in the day. Including Veterans, we had 9 athletes compete in 18 Senior divisions winning 7 medals: 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze.

  • In total 20 Budokan athletes competed in 29 divisions winning 18 medals:
  • 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze with another 2 athletes fighting for a medal.
  • This means 62% of divisions entered resulted in a medal. Great work by all our athletes.

Longest matches were by Will Zollinger who had 2 Golden Score matches back-to-back one being 3 minutes GS (7 minutes total) and the other GS 3m40s (7m40s), nearly 15 minutes in 2 matches. Great effort.  Notably, our entries in this event were significantly less than in previous years, mainly due to injuries, athletes overseas, or some deciding to delay their return to competition.

  •  Our 3 Kata entries also had a very successful day winning Gold in all their divisions. Individual results follow:

 Junior Boys/Girls

  • Gold: Lilly Zollinger
  • Silver: Dasha Platonov, Ethan Zhang
  • Bronze: Callum Dick

Senior Boys/Girls

  • Gold: Shanning Mak, Bianca Tandean, Nicholas Platonov
  • Silver: Crosby Peake
  • Bronze: Demin Cai, Max Zollinger, Flynn Mogilin

 Cadet Men/Women

  • Gold: Clarissa Vumbaca, Will Zollinger
  • Bronze: Phoenix Edwards
  • Unplaced: Elisha Mistry

 Junior Men/Women

  • Silver: Clarissa Vumbaca
  • Bronze: Phoenix Edwards
  • 5th Place: Montanna Poulsen
  • 7th Place: Will Zollinger
  • Unplaced: Elisha Mistry

 Senior Men/Women

  • Bronze: Clarissa Vumbaca
  • 5th Place: Phoenix Edwards
  • 7th Place: Will Zollinger
  • Unplaced: Bjorn Tandean, Elisha Mistry, Montanna Poulsen

 Veteran Men

  • Gold: Aziz Yuldashev
  • Unplaced: Scott Young, Conrad van Dort

 Kata Gold to the following:

  • Bernhard and Bianca Tandean – Nage-No-Kata
  • Bernhard and Bianca Tandean – Ju-No-Kata
  • Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean – Katame-No-Kata


Nathan and Josh have now returned home having spent two weeks in quarantine following a large competition block overseas. This was a very difficult block for many reasons and in addition to the normal pressures of international competition, the challenges this time were significant. These include: last minute changes in flights and training base location, extensive COVID testing, no access outside of hotel rooms and training venues, back-to-back competitions in a very short period, illnesses, injury management, funding issues, interruption to training from quarantine. Few people could comprehend the resilience and commitment required to persevere and maintain motivation under such adverse conditions, to chip away getting so close to the Olympic qualification zone, but not quite being there yet. Kudos and respect to Nathan and Josh for their commendable and significant efforts to date and the progress made towards their goal.  Their results fighting for a medal in the Asian Oceania Continental Championships is testament to their consistent hard work and potential for podium performances. They will now commence their preparations for the final Olympic Games qualification event, the Senior World Championships to be held in Budapest Hungary 6th to 13th June. We wish them well in their preparations and every success in this major international event.


Congratulations to the 6 Senior Budokan athletes for competing in the Central Coast Open competition on 11th April. Results follow:  

  • Cadets:
  • 60kg Phoenix Edwards 2nd
  • 60kg (playing up from 55kg) Will Zollinger 3rd
  • 48kg Elisha Mistry 1st


  • Junior Men/Women:
  • 55kg Will Zollinger 1st
  • 60kg Phoenix Edwards 5th


  • Senior Men/Women
  • 60kg Will Zollinger - 3rd
  • 60kg Phoenix Edwards - 5th
  • 60kg Vincent Zhu - 5th
  • 73kg Conrad van Dort - 3rd
  • 52kg Elisha Mistry - 3rd


  • Veteran Men
  • 73kg Conrad van Dort - 1st
  • 81kg Hide Sano - Unplaced

 Unfortunately, due to advice provided by the Dept. Of Health on Friday, to protect the wider Judo community from a potential Chicken Pox spread, our Juniors were not able to compete.   This was a decision which disappointed all of us and we thank all our Budokan families who took on this directive promptly and graciously.


Well done today to the 6 Senior Budokanis who competed in the Illawarra Kyu Grades competition. Winning 3 from 3 matches, Elisha Mistry entered U/48kg Orange/Green Belt division but had to play U/52kg where she fought tenaciously winning the division. Montanna Poulsen competed in the U/57kg Orange/Green Belt division where she placed 4th and, in the process, beat the Gold medallist. Vincent Xu placed 3rd in the U/60kg Blue/Brown Belt division. Unfortunately no wins  but a great effort in their first Senior competition to William Brooking, Conrad van Dort and Jackson Palgan

  • So, in all great mat-time experience to our guys which will hold them in good stead for future events. Congratulations.